Friday, July 1, 2011


Something is changing in my girl. She's growing up a bit. She's getting smarter. Braver. A tad daring. And a little less shy. She is learning her independence from me. In the grand scheme of life, this is a good thing. But in the here and now, I am reminded that she is only little for a little while, and I don't want these changes to happen too quickly. Some leave me rooting for her, encouraging her and cheering her on. And others leave me scrambling, trying to keep her in that protective bubble just a little while longer. She's trying to find a new balance between being an independent little lady, while still needing her Mama too, and I'm learning a new balance between being her protector and letting her test the waters. The silver lining? I will always be her Mama, and in some shape or form, she will always need me. And I will always be here for her.

It's been exciting to watch her branch out. To slowly loosen her grip from around my leg, and learn that she's just as safe a few feet away. My heart was beaming this week as I watched a few of her friendships grow deeper.

Shy and timid at first, she was very much an observer as some older kids dominated the wadding pool. But as they were leaving, her friend Abby arrived, and they were adorable together. It's sweet how a friendship can grow on very few words, but lots of splashing and giggles.

She was thrilled when we got to have another play date with Abby this morning, this time at their friend Olivia's house. How sweet of Tiffany to remember that we don't have air conditioning and invite us over on this smoldering 100 degree day. These play dates are just as enjoyable for me as they are for my Nugget. These three girls (and the Mama's) met in baby ECFE class, almost three years ago!

Adorable or what? I love little girl giggles.

I shouldn't fail to mention that there are two cutie boys that are a part of this playgroup (Well, six actually. Four of us have had baby boys in the last several months!) However, they were not able to join us today, so we took the opportunity to do something girly.

'A painting project' as my girl calls it. And Tiffany and I were able to check 'Pet Rocks' off our Summer Fun lists. Two birds with one stone, baby.




As we're getting ready to celebrate Independence Day, my girl is learning independence, her way. Now that's something to celebrate!


  1. it's leah, posting from my mom's computer...great story and one i'm oh so familiar with. you captured these growing up feelings perfectly!

  2. they are so cute amy. look like mini-teenagers laughing at an inside joke!

    have a great weekend. hope you enjoy the beautiful weather. **and thank you for my card. you are so thoughtful like that:)

  3. hi! your latest follower! i found you thru farmgirl paints!!! i have 3 adorable GROWN daughters and this post allows me to reflect back on their younger years! i miss them being little sooo much. it's like i blinked my eyes and poof, 3 little girls all big girls now!!!
    happy july 4th!

  4. I too saw you over at Farmgirl Paints. Your children are adoreable! It appears they are nearly the same age as my 2 lil' girlies!
    Happy Independence Day! ;)