Sunday, July 17, 2011


Lots of fun ones this week!

While driving this week we were stopped at an intersection and Nugget saw this sign out her window. She got all excited and exclaimed " Is that Mama Nugget?" (Meaning her and I). I sure do love that little honey.

We had an unusually cool night for July, and it was the perfect night for a little stroll, a stop at the park, and some ice cream! Brother loved the swing!

Sister waiting patiently for a push.

Loving the new car at the park. It really is fun. Brother and I got to "ride" in the back, and Brother even tried out the steering wheel!


I took this pic before nap time one day. These two are really developing a special bond. They just kept looking at each other and giggling! I love to watch this unfold before my eyes.

Daddy has a knack for finding fun creatures.

Nugget's reaction when Daddy tried to get her to hold the frog. Squeamish, just like her Mama.

We're making sweet memories, one day at a time.

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