Monday, July 11, 2011


We needed a distraction. And this little getaway came at the perfect time. Remember this group of kids? They met in baby ECFE class. The Mama's bonded over newborn worries and became friends. And luckily, our husbands all hit it off too. How nicely that all worked out. Well one of the families bravely invited all of us up to their cabin for an extended play date. And when I say all, I mean ten adults, five toddlers and four babies. Brave, indeed. I was so excited, more like ecstatic, to go. Cabins and lakes, friends and sunshine, swimming and fishing, are everything a Minnesota summer is supposed to be. I was all about it.

When we pulled up to the cabin and unloaded our bags, I forgot my cell phone in the passenger door pocket. I actually didn't even know I had left it there for quite some time. And you know what? I didn't go back to get it. Didn't miss it one bit. That's what's so blissful to me about a summer getaway. It's a rare opportunity for me to fully shut my mind off and relax. I can escape from the little every day things that distract me. Like kids' schedules, cleaning, laundry, Facebook, and (gasp) even blogging. All I had to do was love up my littles and enjoy my friends. And it was wonderful.

I sat backed an admired my man and what a great Daddy he is. My girl was all about fishing and she actually caught some! Sadly, I was tending to the baby and missed the first three or so fish she caught, but thankfully one of the other mamas thought to capture it for me. So these pics are really of her fourth(ish) fish. But who's counting?

My girl was brave and wanted to go tubing with Kelly and I. I was surprised, but honestly I think she had no clue what it entailed! She loved it though and wasn't scared one bit. It was a gentle ride and she giggled through most of it.

We laughed, played, fished, swam, and ran around with bare feet. We overindulged on yummy food and stayed up past our bedtime. I'm telling ya, it was everything a Minnesota summer is supposed to be.

 Nice form Nugget!

 I love this pic. Alex jumping to his Daddy. That boy has no fear.

My little family.

The babies played on quilted blankets and napped under shady trees.
Here friend, let me share my toys with you!

Lucas is quite possibly the most easy going baby I know. I loved listening to his little squeals all weekend.

My naked baby. It was a hot one!

Happy boy Aiden.

My little man.

Henry slept for three hours like this! Lucky little guy!

My sleeping baby.

We attempted group shots with the littles and little biggers. It was a hoot trying to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.
Lucas (8 months), Aiden (5 months), Brother (5 months) and Henry (2 months).
Here's an interesting little fact: Aiden and Brother were born only 19 hours apart. Ha! Just goes to show you that we all grow in different shapes and sizes!

Alex (2 1/2), Mitchell (3), Olivia (3 1/2), Nugget (almost 3) and Abby (3). 
Hey, at least they were all sort of looking at the camera!

They all played so nicely together. There were very few squabbles, if any. 

The girls digging in the rocks.

Mitchell and an 'Army worm'.

It was good to relax. To let everything else melt away and enjoy each other.

Who doesn't love a good lake bath?

This quote keeps popping into my head:

"Let me play in the sunshine; Let me sing for joy; Let me grow in the light; Let me splash in the rain; And remember the days of my childhood forever."

We did just that. I hope all these littles know how very much they are loved, and that we would fly to the moon to see them smile.

Thank you, Chadwick family, for giving us this opportunity. We are truly grateful. Hope we can return the favor someday.


  1. Glad you had a FUN/restful get away!
    I'll be writing a very similar post in a few weeks! 3 Cheers for MN! ;)

  2. I need to come to Minnesota! Such a nice time to get away and enjoy the important things in life. Thanks for sharing with us.