Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today we had a spa day for no other reason than fun. Nugget was so excited and has been asking all evening when we can do it again.

We set up shop in our newly remodeled bathroom, which we are just marveling in. (I'll share some pictures soon, just waiting on a few finishing touches.)

We started by pulling our hair back and sweeping the whispies away with a headband. I think Nugs looks just precious like this, wish she would let me do her hair more often.

Next we washed our faces...

Then applied our masks. Nugget chose a chocolate mask that we purchased at Target, which ended up being enough for all three of us!

I was worried that she wouldn't like the feel of it hardening on her face, but she didn't mind it one bit. She was, however, sqeemish about feeling it on her hands. She wanted to rub some on me, but after one swipe to my cheek, she wanted to wash her hands.
Doodey was more interested in eating the cucumbers than anything else :)

When we were all set up, I excitedly told Nugget that this is the part where we lay back and relax. She just kept giggling, and within seconds Dude swipped one of my cucumbers and popped it right into his mouth!

So that was pretty much that. We rinsed off our masks, moisterized like proper facials deserve, then moved on to manicures and predicures.

So much fun in such a simple little thing. Looking forward to doing it again soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Ha. Like my post title? Pretty clever if I do say so myself. This weekend a local organic dairy farm held its annual Milkapalooza event, and of course we jumped all over that band wagon.

The kids got to do a 'milk crawl', where they stopped at different stations, learned a thing or two, sampled goodies and got prizes. Fun.

We got to meet the chickens that lay the eggs we buy...

and get some face time with some furry creatures. Nugget and I are one and the same, we like to look but not touch. Daddy is all hands on, and Doodey is somewhere in between.

He did not like when this lamb licked his hand.

Or when he rode this horse. Poor guy.

After that fun we hopped on a wagon ride out to the pasture.

We learned a little bit about these grass fed cows...

but were mostly weirded out by this guy. One farmer said it had blue pink eye. Poor thing.

We headed back up to the barn where we enjoyed a yummy lunch, checked out a few more exhibits, then headed home for naps.

We are so grateful there are opportunities like this just out our back door.

Moral of the day's events? Eat and buy local, ya'll.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


We have a secret garden. A place that's all our own. It's tucked away in a quaint little spot on our side of town. We like to think that it's all ours. It is cozy. And whimsy. And magical.

We look for turtles sunning themselves on the rock. But we have to be fast and quick, because once they hear us they slip back into the water.

This day we saw ducks. And a dragonfly.

We sprinkled fairy dust under the biggest tree. It will shine in the moonlight and guide the fairies back to their home. Where a treat awaits them.

We lay on our backs and eat snacks, sweating under the sun.

The raspberries were ripe for the picking. Well, some anyways. We picked and ate. Picked and ate. Repeat. Repeat. Dude learned how to pick his own. He didn't want mine.

We frolicked in the meadow, admired "kitty tails", and let the sun beat down on our backs.

Our secret garden: You're my favorite. I think we love you.

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl


Last Saturday Nick and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. I very much enjoy walking down memory lane, thinking of that significant day in our lives, all the things that led up to it, and all the places we've walked since. Our life together has been pretty awesome, and I couldn't ask for a better partner, co-parent, and best friend to walk beside me in this wild and precious life.

The night before our anniversary, we had a wedding to attend. That was magical all in itself, celebrating the union of newlyweds at the same time as celebrating our anniversary. We weren't able to secure a babysitter two nights in a row, so we had to celebrate a night early. We left the reception after dinner to sneak in a little date before we had to be home.

We hoped in the car and didn't really know where to go. We were stuffed to the brim, so the thought of grabbing dessert wasn't too appealing. We took the road less traveled towards home, which led us right to the site of our wedding reception five years earlier. Being that it was a golf course, we made a spontaneous decision to slip inside and grab a drink.

Sometimes the best plans aren't having any plans. Spontaneity is fun.

Where we ended up couldn't have been more perfect or symbolic. We talked about our wedding, how we crammed 175 guests in that tiny little club house, how flippin hot it was that day. We talked about how glad we are for the obstacles that have brought us to where we are today. And we talked about our future. We dreamed together. And that may be just one of my favorite things to do with him. To look ahead with excitement, and make a semi-concrete plan to get us there. He's a good man. A hardworker. Handsome as all getout. I love him.

Saturday morning we awoke and decided we were going to celebrate our anniversary with a family adventure. Something we talked about doing all spring and never did.

We went golfing. It was awesome. Everyone loved it.

Our score keeper.

Sister's got some skills.

But her Mama? Not so much.

Jokes on me.

Doodey was just happy to run around and chase the balls.

We ended the day with a family movie night of watching our wedding video. It was so fun to show that to Nugget. What a great day. Perfect in every way.

Happy Anniversary to you, my Mr.

So happy to be your Mrs.


We have happily rolled into summer, and are enjoying our lazy days doing whatever we please. We have had no scheduled activities this month. And while we appreciate routines, it's kind of a nice feeling waking up in the morning and knowing the day is ours to do anything we please.

Our activity of choice? Play outside. While trips to the park and the pool bring lots of fun, we've learned that our backyard is pretty sweet too.

We like to hang out on our deck, drive the cars, swing, and blow bubbles.

We like to check on the garden and see what tasty treats have popped up.

We like to splash in our pool.

I decided the kids needed an upgrade in the pool department, but yikes, it's bigger than I thought! They love it though.

We like to check on  Brother's cherry tree, and taste them even though they are so tart they make us shiver!

These are store bought, but hopefully soon we'll have a bowl full of our own home grown ones.

We like to draw chalk roads on the sidewalk then race down them. And stop to fill up with gas.

We love to eat as many meals as possible outside. The kids think it's great and less clean up for me. Win win.

Well, maybe not so much on that less clean up part.

When we want to stretch our legs further than our own back yard, we often head out for a bike/stroller ride.

Hello summer. You are so, so good. Glad you're here to stay.