Sunday, July 31, 2011


We had a fun, busy week. We went swimming at the local pool and out at Cedar Lake, had a family ice cream date, had a picnic lunch with Daddy at work, went to the bakery, played at the park and went back to Northfield for their Farmers Market. And this time Mama remembered the bread so we could feed the ducks! I forgot to bring my camera to a few of these outings, and a few times I intentionally left it behind, but I still managed to capture lots of memories during the week. Hope you enjoy!

I attempted a mini five month photo shoot with the little man....he wasn't having it. But I love 'em anyway.
 I actually set out on this mission because I wanted to capture how cute his vintage camera onesie is. But, you gotta go with the flow and take what you can get. Maybe another time....

This is what sister played with while I attempted the above photo shoot.
Sister likes to wear Mama's sandals.

Brother has been rolling for weeks now, and I knew it was just a matter of time before he began doing it in his bed too. I have to laugh because although he is perfectly capable of rolling both ways, he'll get on his belly and cry until we come rescue him. After a few nights of this, he finally gave in and fell asleep on his tummy. It must have been pretty cozy because he slept this way for about 3 hours!

Nugget tried out a new hairstyle, and it was pretty stinkin' cute. A 'loopty loop' (aka bun) on top of her head, adorned with a flower clip. Love it, and her. 

Brother is still lovin' his feet and enjoys sucking on his toes.

We redeemed one of Nugget's prizes she received from the library's summer reading program. A coupon for a free donut at the local bakery. It was actually for a cookie, but the sweet gal at the counter had no problem with us swapping it for a donut. Who wouldn't choose chocolate and sprinkles over a sugar cookie?

Washing dirty toes in the kitchen sink after playing hard outside with 'nakey feet'.

Nugget and her Mama.

Summer produce is in full swing and we're lovin' it. Most everything we pick doesn't even make it into the house, as a certain little almost 3 year old gobbles it right up!
What? Don't you eat your cucumbers this way too? You should try it sometime. It's fun.

And my favorite picture of the week... drum roll please...
A little sibling love. Aww, I love these two. I'm one lucky Mama.

What did you enjoy this week? I'd love to hear all about it.

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  1. those are so good. love the cucumber pic...makes me want a pickle:) oh and why did you have to show the donut?? you know how i feel about donuts. can't believe i passed one up that day. still kickin' myself!