Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I think this is my first words-only post ever, and honestly, it feels a bit funny. But Nugget and I had a hilarious conversation in the car this afternoon, and I just have to get it out before it fades from my memory.

We were driving home from Target... I've had a gross cough all week and am just plain tuckered out. Nugget senses my exhaustion, and wants to help.

Mama: I am so sleepy.
Nugget: You should rest on the couch and watch a Dora when we get home.
Mama: That sounds wonderful honey, but who is going to watch Brother?
Nugget: I will watch him for you, Mama.
Mama: Aww, that's sweet of you Nuggie. But I'll be alright.

small pause

Nugget: I wish I had big boobies like you.
Mama: (wtf? Did she just say that?) Why's that, Love?
Nugget: I want my little boobies to grow into big boobies.
Mama: (Still dumbfounded) What would you do if you had big boobies?
Nugget: I would feed Brother!
(ahh, now I get it. See....wanting to help Mama! I feel slightly more at ease with this conversation.)
Nugget: And when you have another girl baby, I will help feed her too.

I love her sweet innocence. And a disclaimer: I AM NOT PREGNANT. We would love to be,  maybe sooner than later. Nugget really hopes for a sister and talks about her 'girl baby' often.

On a semi-related side note...I finally found a milk that Brother will drink! Praise the Lord. After passing up whole milk, one percent, chocolate, and soy, he has finally settled on coconut milk. Let the weaning begin.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Nick and I attended a wedding last night. Which means we had a babysitter. For eight hours. It was awesome.

Things around here have been so busy lately. I am juggling many different things on my plate as of late, and this is the season where Nick's business really picks up. Even more from where it's already been. Some days it feels like I am a single mother. And some days it just feels like we're tag teaming all day. Needless to say its exhausting. Good. But exhausting.

The wedding last night was beautiful. It always chokes me up a little bit to see two souls so in love. So happy. So in awe about what the future holds. But two things happened yesterday that pain me. One....I forgot to have someone take a picture of Nick and I. It takes a small miracle, like a wedding, to lure me out of my yoga pants. Last night I rocked a new dress, and my man cleaned up pretty nice too. If only I had a picture to prove it. Bummer. And two...I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in a long while, and we had a conversation that went something like this (in short)...

Her: Hi! It's so good to see you!
Me: You too! Congrats on your engagement!
Her: I love keeping up with you guys on your blog....but you don't really keep that up anymore, do you?
Me: ...I've been busy.

PAINS me, I tell you. I love this little blog here. And yes, it has really been neglected! Any of my free time lately has been put into my new business venture, and finishing up the last of my CEU's in order to renew my teaching license this June.

I always mean to blog. Want to blog. Truly, I do. But somehow that 'free' time just gets away from me, leaving lots to be desired.

So, in a short little recap, here's what we've been enjoying lately...

Enjoying...pillow piles and reading. eyes (and apparently over exposure).

Enjoying...digging for treasures (most likely snacks) in the diaper bag. class. Sort of. Sister hates 'Parent Watch Week' and refuses to participate. Should make for a fun recital, eh?

Enjoying...Nana (Nick's grandma). She visited MN for three weeks and we were blessed to spend lots of time with her. I adore her. She makes us all feel so special. And showers us with fun adventures and yummy food. She's got quite a bit of kick for a woman in her late seventies.



Enjoying...swimming at a hotel with friends. Well, Nugget loved it. Brother, not so much.

Enjoying...rope swings.

Enjoying...hikes at tucked away county parks. shadows.

Enjoying...haircuts. Aww, who am I kidding?

Enjoying...last, but never least, Nugget smiles.

Thanks for holding me accountable to stay on top of blogging. Yell at me if I let it slide again.

 Hope you have a fabulous week!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Someone found some confidence. Look who's on the move...

Brother's been cruising around furniture since he was nine months old. I thought for sure we were going to have an early walker. But I was proven again that babies march to the beat of their own drum, and he was the only one who would decide when he was ready.

Apparently yesterday was the day. He steadied himself on those wobbly sea legs and set sail. Repeatedly. With each successful bout, we clapped and cheered, whopped and hollered, and smooched him all over. Cause first steps are something to celebrate.

This morning he resumed his drunken sailor bit, but by afternoon the confidence was back and he was all over the place. When my sister and her family came over for dinner, he really showed off. Walking all over, zigging and zagging, and laughing the whole time. Brother's proud too. And rightly so.

He does however still rely quite a bit on his trusty crawling skills. And also this scoot, drag, repeat concoction which he saves for when he needs to carry important things, like a book or his blankie. But I'm guessing we'll see less and less of these modes of transportation over the next few weeks.

We had a taste of summer today, and there best not be going any back. I think I would go in to a downward spiral if we were to be hit with a snow storm anytime soon. We've been living outside this week, and man, has it been grand.

Brother's first steps are coming at the perfect time, right when a whole new world of outdoor exploration and possibilities are opening up before him.

Summer is gonna be so good. I can already taste it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My poor blog has gotten pushed to the wayside. Spring has been calling our names, and we have been outside as much as possible. My evenings have been consumed with my new little business endeavor. It has really taken off, and has been a great outlet for me! We are busy, but busy is good. We like busy.

Nugget's flower: Amy's HomeMaid

Now to get caught up....

My girl is really good at playing by herself. Which makes it easy to get things done, some days. But it also makes for a lot of 'I'll be there in a minute' and 'Let me just do one more thing, then I'll be right there.' I have been working hard at letting the other things slide, and giving her my undivided attention while the not-so-baby is asleep. This day, we played Pretty Pretty Princess.

This is what we say lately to being confined in small spaces together. The house included. Can I get an Amen for Spring?

Has anyone seen my baby?

There he is!

These boots were made for walking, so that's just what she'll do...

Hello? Anyone there?

Having a snack on the kitchen floor...

Brother discovered his tongue, which seems to be abnormally long. Seriously, the kid can touch it to his chin. Yikes!

We painted rainbow nails, which were just the pop of color we were craving this time of year...

But then it was her turn to paint mine. She's got potential, no?


Finally cashed in a Christmas gift and went to Let's Dish! So nice to have some go-to meals on hand...

His and Hers...(coffee and Cherry Coke)

And finally, we get to play outside!!! (and without four layers of winter clothes!)

What have you been up to lately?

Happy Tuesday!