Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wow. Time sure is flying. It's been nine months since I eagerly awaited my 20 week ultrasound to learn the gender of my new baby (and make sure he was healthy!). I thought for sure I was having another girl. I was sicker than a dog, just like when I was pregnant with Nugget. And we just don't have boy babies in my family. The last one born into our family was over 18 years ago! I was so confident that it was going to be a girl that I even made a bet with Nick. Ha! So imagine how surprised I was to learn our baby was a BOY! It took a bit for it to sink in, and process my fears that I knew nothing about raising a boy. I feared that he would just pee all over me every time I went to change his diaper, and I began paying more attention to the names of different farm and trucking equipment, because to me, everything is a tractor! I still have some lingo to learn, and for the record, he's only peed wildly while in the bathtub. Not bad. So fast forward to present day, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Our lives would be so different if we had two girls. Not better or worse. Just different. He was meant to be. He is supposed to be here with us. He is ours. And my heart is swelled two times its size with love for him and sister.

I am so grateful that I get to spend my days with him. After having Nugget, I returned to work after three months. My heart broke every day that I was away from her. I hated not being the one to provide for her, to answer her little cries and share in her giggles. I hated it so much that I ultimately left my job as a teacher to be a stay at home Mama. It has it's challenges too, but the rewards far outweigh the lows. My heart is grateful that I don't have to experience the heartbreak of dropping Brother off at daycare too. My babies are home with me, right where I want them. And while I realize this isn't possible or even ideal for everyone, its suites me, and for that I am grateful. I know how lucky I am, and I thank my honey everyday. He knows how much I appreciate how hard he works for us. And he appreciates me. Win win.

Anyhow, five months is just a short little time, but I am still amazed how much my little man has learned and how much he has grown. Here's what he's up to at the tender age of five months:

*He found his feet some time ago, but now has discovered that he can get them into his mouth and suck on his toes!

*Has had his first swimming experiences. He hates the initial dunk into cold water, but most times enjoys it after a bit.

*Nursing is going well, and he's eating every three hours or so. Still trying to hold out until six months to start solids.

*He's already fallen into a nice little nap routine. He takes a morning snooze about two hours after he awakes in the morning, sleeping for 1-2 hours. Then takes a nice afternoon nap after lunch, lasting 1.5-3 hours. He most likely takes a little catnap in between those two as well, and another around dinner time. Then he's down for the night anytime between 7-8pm. He's waking up around twice a night to nurse, but eats and goes right back down, and generally sleeps til 7am (give or take a few).

*He's become a bit of a snuggler, and I soak it up every chance I get!

*He's rolling, cooing. laughing, drooling, sucking on toys and even starting to imitate sounds.

Such a sweet and fun little man. We adore him so and are so grateful he is ours! And boy, did he sure make sister and I work for some smiles for this little photo shoot. He wasn't giving 'em up, no way, no how. Oh well, what can you do?!


  1. Sooo happy for you Amy...enjoy each day!! Loved your pictures too, he is adorable!

  2. how can it be 5 months already?? you were pregnant when i first met you. it goes quick. glad you are documenting those firsts. i have no memory bank.