Sunday, June 26, 2011


I didn't take nearly as many pictures this week. Why you ask? I was busy doing this:
I didn't have to do any of the real hard work. I just had to gather, price and haul my stuff over to my friend Roz's house. And help with the sale when the kids' and hubby's schedules allowed. I love purging things that we no longer need, it's kind of addicting, and its always a treat to get some extra cash. I only came home with about a quarter of what I brought over....a success, I would say. Thanks so much Roz for letting me in on your sale. It was fun to catch up with you over the last few days!

Brother has been fascinated with these this week:

I love baby feet. They are just so soft and adorable!

And sister has been working hard at this:

While Brother was napping, Nugget and I enjoyed some matching mani/pedis:
She likes me to set the timer so she knows how long she has to wait before her nails are dry.
When it 'peeps' she is free to run.

Mama and Nugget tootsies

Brother is as cute as ever:

And we checked some things off our summer fun list (although we there will be plenty more repeats):
We finally had a nice night to enjoy a bonfire and s'mores!

 Loved every bite.

And we enjoyed our first bike ride of the summer (and Brother's first ride ever):
 Nugget was less than thrilled at the start to share her trailer with Brother, but quickly got over it, thankfully.

My beach cruiser, with the addition of my birthday basket. Love it. Now if only I had a beach to go cruising on....

And some random cuteness:
Brother fresh from a bath and ready to go snuggle with Daddy.

Hmmm...maybe I took more pictures than I thought! Hope you had a happy week too!

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  1. your bike is ADORABLE. i got a new bike this year. i love it! haven't ridden it yet, but that's coming:) great shot of you and your sweeties toes.