Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hi friends! I'm just popping in quick to share with you a super simple, quick and cute craft you can make with your littles for the holidays!

Last weekend my girlfriend and I planned a little craft night with our two oldest girls. We each picked a few crafts to lead and shopped for the supplies. It was the most adorable night ever and we all got joy out of it! It was totally worth blowing our bedtime, and our heads hit the pillow dreaming of glitter and all the snow globes. Heaven.

Alicia shared on Periscope about all the crafts we made, and there were some questions about the hair clips. I thought I'd answer them here so you can come back and reference as time allows! (It's a busy time of year!) The supplies are minimal and you seriously will only need ten minutes to make a handful. You can make them yourselves, or employ your daughters. Our girls are both 7, and did well on their own. Just make sure they can handle the hot glue gun safely, or help with that step if needed.

Here's what you need to get started. Add in a hot glue gun and a scissor and you're set. I bought the clips at Walgreens (I couldn't quite find what I wanted at Target), and bought the elastic on Etsy. I ordered a yard each of the 5/8 inch fold over elastic. You can also find this at Joanns, but the options are limited.

Cut your elastic pieces to roughly 3 inches.

Next, snap your elastic piece in between the clip like I did here. Make sure the pattern is facing down like this so that when you run it across the top of the clip your design will show. Fire up your hot glue gun and put a dab on the tip. Fold the elastic over the top of the clip.

Now you will put a dab of glue on the underneath side of the clip, opposite end. Fold your elastic around the end and secure here.

The under side will look like this when glued on both ends.

Make lots more, because it's addicting and they are SO cute!

Grab some packaging supplies and wrap them up! I tend to collect this stuff all year round, so I just gathered what I had on hand. A cute cardboard gift card box and some twine would be darling! Or drop them in a paper bag and jazz up with some washi tape.

Give to all the little girls you know and watch their faces light up!

Happy Holidays friends! I hope you are enjoying this magical season!