Monday, July 4, 2011


Another week has passed. Trying to suck every possible breath out of summer. Here we go...

Sister walking her baby down to Patty's Place.
She loves these boots, I think she'd wear them everyday if I let her!

Daddy was working just down the street from our house this week, so we got to have a picnic lunch with him. It's always a treat to see Daddy mid-day!

We enjoyed a beautiful night playing outside.

Sister drew this and said 'Look Mom. It's an octopus.' First time she's ever drawn an intentional object, other than the letter O. Made me happy and proud.

Picked some strawberries from our garden. They are divine. So sweet, unlike nothing else.
And they just melt in your mouth. Yum.

Happy girl.

Happy boy.

Still loving this toy.

Making friends.

We enjoyed an evening swim out at Cedar Lake before a storm rolled in.
It was Brother's first time in a lake, and I would say he is not a fan.

Treated myself to a pedicure this weekend. Although both kids came with me. It's the only way it was gonna happen, so I just had to roll with it. Sister was game for getting her toes painted too. Picked out red, white and blue polish. Took off her flip flops. Climbed up in the chair. Then her shyness took over and she changed her mind. Luckily we had similar colors at home, which she decided was a better option. Silly girl.

Brother and our cat, Pete. Pete's got about 7 pounds up on the little guy. Seriously, he is one big cat.

LOTS of 4th of July pictures to come!


  1. goodness girlie those are great pictures. you look adorable in that swimsuit. i'm not a fan of lakes either. we were supposed to go today with a friend and it's kind of rainy...whew!!

  2. I can't even pick a favorite picture?! You have an adorable family.

  3. Looks like you married yourself a working man too! ;)
    Seldom a day passes that I don't see mine speckled with something either!
    Beautiful pic's btw!