Monday, February 24, 2014


Wow, just like that, our little Otto is not so little any more. Today is his first birthday, and it seems as if  I've loved him my whole life. I've been very reminiscent that past few days and it has been so fun to look back at this year of photos. Taking his weekly pictures was not something that I had planned to do or given any thought too. It simply started with me taking a photo of him in the hospital, and exactly one week later, he was wearing the same outfit and I thought to myself "I should take his picture and see how much he's changed in a week." I got such a fun response from friends that I decided to continue it, and I'm sure glad I did. My only wish is that I would have thought to do this with my other two!
Here's where it all began... 
Sweet baby Otto... 

And here we are today. Happy first birthday to my sweet little love. My heart feels as though it could burst with all the love it holds for you. My wish for you is that you will always be as happy and care free as you are today, and always remember how very much I love you.



Otto's first birthday interview, through the eyes of Mama.

Q: How old are you today?
A: One.

Q: What do you like to eat?
A: Blueberries, YoBaby yogurt, puffs.

Q: What do you like to play?
A: Anything with music, in the garden center, fridge magnets

Q: What do you like to do with Mommy?
A: Nurse.

Q: What do you like to do with Daddy?
A: Wrestle.

Q: What do you like to play with Sissy?
A:  Get in her room and into all her toys.

Q: What do you like to play with Milo?
A: race cars.

Q: What is your favorite store?
A: Grocery store, Target.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: Music, blankie, Mama, being tickled.

Q: What makes you sad?
A: Getting a boo boo.

Q: What is your favorite animal?
A: Libby! (our cat)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Last week was a whirlwind. We had Milo's birthday, Valentine's Day, classroom volunteering, the boys' joint birthday party, and their yearly photos all in a five day span. Whew. It's all good, important, memory making material. I had to tell myself many times to just relax and enjoy it, instead of letting it stress me out. I mostly accomplished that.

*These were the party invites

I felt a wee bit guilty for coupling the boys' birthday parties together. But with their birthdays only twelve days apart, it just makes the most sense, and will probably always be this way. I got over it quickly, and they were non the wiser.

Indoor parties are harder for me. With Nugget's summer birthday, we have the whole backyard to spread out, decorate, and run around. But really, I think all the hoopla of decorating is mostly to impress the adults anyway. Kids only care about the presents. And the cake.

We decided on a vintage camping theme for this one. My details were minimal, but enough.

Nick prides himself on the food, and we knocked that one out of the park. He's been ice fishing all winter, freezing his catches to get a good stock pile with this party in mind. We served fish, the most amazing chili I've ever eaten (I used this recipe), corn bread, trail mix, and smores cupcakes (find the recipe here). Birthday party cakes and cupcakes are my thing. I vowed to myself to go the extra effort and always make them homemade. No one cares but me, but it still makes me happy.

We also asked our guests to come dressed in their best plaid, and it was a hoot! (Especially with these two!)

Milo is so silly and didn't want to open any of his presents himself. He insisted that I do it, while he kept his eyes covered so he could be surprised.

Thankfully, Otto was a little more hands on.

This wasn't a present for Otto, but he had fun playing with my niece's ipod while Milo opened gifts first.

Milo just eats up every little bit of us singing happy birthday to him, and this smile gets me every time.

Otto saw the cupcakes and wanted them in his belly. Now!

He ate that thing like it was his J.O.B., which it totally was.

As the party wound down, Milo needed a little time to chill out, while the other kids played amongst him. (Yes, he's 'reading' an American Girl book. Which Orelia is totally into right now and it is the most fun!)

Check out this faux campfire. I splurged a tad (Land of Nod) and we gave it as a joint gift to the boys, because lets be honest, Otto does not need another 'baby' toy!

And we called it a wrap with a silly family portrait.

What we didn't expect was to be slammed with a sudden snow fall during the party. It took several family members nearly two hours to make the regularly thirty minute drive home :/ But every made it safely, and we thank you all for coming out to celebrate with us!

Happy Birthday Milo and Otto!

Friday, February 14, 2014


As tradition goes, we celebrated Valentine's Day with our annual tea party this afternoon. The kids look forward to this all month and are old enough to remember just how we do it! Nugget schemed up snacks like heart strawberries and heart cheese, while Milo couldn't wait to eat them. And Otto, well he's just always happy!

We've pretty much outgrown our little white table, so we had to move it to the dining room. More space to spread out, which also means less spills :)

I love these little people and i'm sure glad they're mine!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Q: How old are you today?
A: Threeee.

Q: What do you like to play?
A: Batman. Tractor and Buzz. And Doras.

 Q: What do you like to do with Mommy?
A: I like to spend some time with you. Go to ECFE then come home and have a snack.

 Q: What do you like to do with Daddy?
A: I like to spend some time with Dad. I like to eat lunch with Dad (at work) and do everything mine self. He have two white trucks. One green truck and that's scary! It's only for Dads and Moms, and not me and sis, and not Booty. Just Daddy's trucks.

Q: What do you like to play with Sissy?
A:  I like to play dogs and Emily (her American Girl doll).

Q: What do you  like to play with Otto?
A: I like to spend some time with Otto.

 Q: What do you like to eat?
A: I like to eat pizza and jelly. That's my favorite things. (true story)

 Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Blue.

 Q: What do you like to watch on TV?
A: Doy-o (Diego)

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: Sophia! (ha!) I like Toy Story and Cars. And Scooby Doo! (which he's never even seen!)

 Q: What is your favorite store?
A: Grocery store. That's fun.

 Q: What makes you happy?
A: I like to spend time with Sis.

 Q: What makes you sad?
A: When Sissy not play with me.

Q: What is your favorite animal?
A: I like dogs. I not like black dogs. Only blue dogs and white dogs. (Like his stuffed puppy 'Max')


Oh man, this was a hoot. Another year older, another year wiser.