Monday, July 18, 2011


We had a fabulous weekend, and kept plenty busy. Friday afternoon we set out for the Como Zoo, but with all the rain ended up at the MN Zoo. We had a blast, and I think it was our longest trip to the zoo ever! We saw all the exhibits, minus the farm because another cloud of showers was rolling in and we didn't want to get stuck out there! Wish I had some pictures to share with you, but once in awhile it's just nice to leave the camera behind and be fully present with my family. Ya know what i'm saying? But, we're headed back on Thursday with a group of friends, so maybe i'll snap a few then!

Saturday we went to one of our favorite water parks. And even though the beloved caterpillar water slide was out of commission, we still had a good time. The water was warm, and sometimes that makes all the difference!

She adores her Daddy.

Brother was sleeping when we arrived, but after a little snooze he came in to join us!

This has been Brother's first reaction to anything water (other than a bath). He quickly got over it though and had some fun.

Saturday evening, Nick and I snuck away for a little date night. Say what?! You heard me right. Although far and few between, we got some time alone! We had our first non family babysitter ever, and it went very well! Miss Britt is actually Nugget's teacher at ECFE, so we left our kids in very capable hands. It was wonderful! Nick and I enjoyed a yummy dinner and got to use a gift card we've had since Christmas!

A little back story about the next part of our date...Don't be fooled, we are very happily married, but due to my husband's line of work he does not wear his wedding ring. He will occasionally on weekends and outings, but very rarely during the week. He's been wanting this for a long time. So, we went and did this:

He is very pleased with it, and now everyone will know that my very handsome man is indeed taken.

What a great weekend, leading us into a busy week ahead!


  1. Love it! Great idea, Nick! Can't wait to see you all this weekend:)

  2. Sounds like a terrific date night! The waterpark sounds like fun, too!