Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We're slowly but steadily checking off adventures on our Summer Fun List. Last week's mission? Go strawberry picking. The plan was that my sister and her kiddos would join us, and you know my girl is all about some good cousin time. So you can imagine her disappointment when our plans almost fell through. My sister got called into work that morning, so she was unable to go. I was going anyway, because you can't promise a two year old something and then not follow through. My heart broke as I saw her little shoulders slump when she learned her cousins were unable to go. Then I thought 'You know what? I can make this happen. I can handle three extra kids.' And so I did. I called my sister back and told her I was coming to get the kids. (ok, well actually I asked, and she said yes.) And my girl was happy once again.

It was the perfect day for it. Warm, a little humid, and slightly overcast. The kids had a ball. And while Nugget probably ate more berries than she picked, it was quality time spent together, and that's what it's really all about.

It was a blessing that my nieces came along. Without them our basket probably would have looked like this:

But with their help it looked like this:

Alyssa was the best berry picker. And such a helper to me with my own kids. Can't wait til that girl is old enough to babysit!

Lauren picked a good share too.

Who knew strawberries were so messy?

And Cara enjoyed eating the berries more than picking them too.

Nugget contemplated helping.

But ultimately decided it was more fun to run along the beaten paths and pull the wagon.

And me? Well, I did the best I could all while having Brother strapped to my chest in the wrap, keeping tabs on everyone, and trying to take pictures too.

Over the course of an hour we picked only 6 pounds of strawberries. But we really didn't need them for anything specific, it was more about having fun and making sweet memories.

Mission accomplished. 


  1. Your girlie is such a sweetheart!
    What a FUN berry pickin' time!

  2. Good for you! This is something all of the kiddos will remember for a long time.

  3. Five gorgeous GEMS in a Strawberry Patch! What beautiful pictures! have a new profession!

  4. those are precious amy. love the stained hands!

  5. That sounds like SO much fun! I am awfully glad you went with the girls. They look like super helpers. Cutest strawberry pickers around : )