Sunday, June 19, 2011


I could not survive this journey of parenthood without him. He balances me out and picks up where I lack. My kids adore him, and I just love watching his bonds grow with both of them. They are too young to know how hard he works for them, the sacrifices he makes to provide for our family. But in time, they will know. They feel his love, and that is all they need.

So to honor him, we tagged along as he chose to go to the 'Back to the 50's Car Show' at the state fair grounds. It was fun. Really. And I'm sure he enjoyed it more than when I drug him to Manic Ceramic on mother's day.

Seeing this car seriously made me want to buy a station wagon, pack a picnic and head to the lake with my little family. I would have loved to grow up in the fifties era, or heck, been a fifties house wife. Such simpler times and it just looks like fun!

Daddy and his little man.

Nugget enjoyed the car show and just chilled in her stroller the entire time. She quietly played with her pink matchbox car Daddy bought her and enjoyed some ice cream. Her only complaint?
'The cars were too noisy.'

It may be Father's Day, but it's my blog. I thought this car was cute.

Thank you Nick, for all you do. Without you, I may very well lose my mind some days. You are an amazing father and husband and we love and appreciate you!

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  1. what a fun day. he looks like a natural at being a good dad. love that old car. the one with the canoe on cool:)