Saturday, June 11, 2011


I take hundreds of pictures each week. So many that I don't always know what to do with them. But they are special and meaningful to me, even if the moment itself doesn't warrant its own blog post. So, I have this grand idea to post weekly snippets, so my leftovers have a home. Enjoy.

 I walked in the kitchen one afternoon and found this. So sweet, my girl.

Honk shooin' (snoring) in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Painted nails.

And tootsies. One of the many reasons I love having a girl!

A tasty treat from Patty's Place, her favorite. 

Brother loves this toy. This week he really got his hands and feet going with excitement. So much fun to watch him take it all in.

Sister encouraging Brother during his tummy time.

She used to call them her 'babies'. Now they are her 'people'. These were one of her first toys, and she still loves them almost three years later. 

Hard at work painting a bird house. Love the concentration. My girl gets serious about her 'projects'.

Flashing Mommy a big ol' smile. He saves the biggest and best ones for me. Thanks Buddy. 


Tending to the garden.

Nugget's 'spinning wheels'. She checks on them every time we leave the house.

Mail makes me happy. Especially this week as lots of good stuff, like cards and even a present, came for my birthday. Nugget likes to watch for our mailman. He delivers the mail, then they wave to each other in the window. We even shared some of our homemade cookies with him this week. It makes me happy to teach her about treating others kindly.

Nugget's buddy, Landon, had 'baby robin birdies' hatch at his house this week. They were kind enough to let us come and have a peek for ourselves. Just precious.

Mama went walking four times this week and even made it to yoga. Getting my bikini body back in no time (or so I wish!). My babies took turns accompanying me on my walks. Brother stared at me the whole time like this. Love him.

Look who found his thumb.

Hope you had a great week! We sure did!

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  1. Great week and beautiful pictures...keep taking and posting!! Look forward to the next post :)