Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last year we stumbled upon the Northfield Market Fair on our way to a family reunion. We stopped in quick, fell in love, and knew we had to come back. Each Saturday during the summer months, vendors line the sidewalks along the river and sell their goods. Kind of a cross between a farmers market and an art fair. We were excited to go on a venture, as my girl calls it, and check it out again this year.

Nugget enjoying her Gingerbread cookie.
Daddy's treat.

My treat, a red pepper quiche. Yum.

We enjoyed some yummy treats before going to check out the art, where Nugget got these:

Lucky girl.

Then we walked the main street which is absolutely adorable. As we weaved in and out of quaint little shops, we had some good laughs. And I kept smiling to myself, thinking I love this. My little family. Enjoying this gorgeous day. Summer is gonna be good. My heart was full.

Couldn't leave Brother out of the fun. I was wearing him in the wrap, and I love his nuk and one beedy little eye.

We enjoyed some lunch along main street.

And enjoyed some smiles from Brother.

Before we headed home we stopped to look at the ducks floating in the river. Next time I will be prepared and bring bread for them. Nugget would love that.

What a beautiful day. We'll be back, for sure. Happy weekend to you!


  1. Oh those masks were so fun! Your pics are just great Amy.

  2. What a fun day, I will have to head that way one fo these weekends. Love, love, love your pictures!