Thursday, June 9, 2011


Brother does not like it hot. Poor guy.

It was a smoldering 102 degrees earlier this week. Yikes! And remember how we don't have air? Just when I was saying it wasn't that bad, WHAM, we were hit hard! We suffered through about a day and a half of it, before Nick came home early from work and put our window units in. Thank the Lord. In the meantime, we tried to stay cool with this:

We tried the kiddie pool first. Nugget was convinced that every particle the wind blew in her pool was a bug. Needless to say, it didn't go over very well. But man, did she love the sprinkler.

We held hands and frolicked in the water together. Drenching ourselves with freezing cold water. I hope I never forget the sound of her delighted shrieks and screams. She had a ball.

Brother came out for a bit and enjoyed dipping his feet in the pool. But he quickly grew tired and went in for a nap.

I kept an eye on him while Nugget and I played some more.

Digital video well spent.

We capped off our fun by enjoying a refreshing summer treat:

I love reading these jokes. Cheesy, but they make me smile.

Making sweet summer memories with my littles. Hope you are too.


  1. Love the rainbow fingernails. Olivia would love that!

  2. You made a hot day sound are such a good Mom!! Enjoy your little ones :)

  3. Oh geesh I forgot about your lack of air conditioning. I bet that was a miserable couple of days! Looks like you made the most of it though:)