Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Brother was baptised, or baftised, as Nugget likes to say, on Sunday, May 29th. She talks all the time now about his baftizin...she really enjoyed the day! And what a day it was.

My little man got to wear this special outfit, passed on to us from my Grandparents. All the boys on my side of the family have worn it on their baptism day, starting with my Dad.

Brother was a trooper during his special day. He slept all through mass, then awoke a happy boy. He was alert during his baptism, and didn't even cry!  Lots of family came to help us celebrate his special day, and I cannot say enough how much we love spending time with our family. We hosted lunch at our house afterwards, and I loved watching my girl run around with her cousins. She was in heaven, as she adores them so. They taught her how to play restaurant in her playroom, which she has been busy recreating this past week. We enjoyed good company, good food, and lively conversation. A special day indeed.

Our happy little family.

Brother with his Godparents, Aunt Angie and Uncle Jesse.

Father John and our little man.

Brother received a card from Great Grandma Mary with this message:

Dear little one, if only you knew what wonderful blessings are waiting for you, what joys and discoveries, what beautiful plans The Lord has for you as you're placed in His hands.

It's perfect. Here's to you, my little man. May God use you to do many great things. We love you!


  1. Baptisms are so special:) Glad your day was so wonderful!

  2. Precious! You guys are gorgeous...you know that right?