Sunday, June 12, 2011

29 AND 4.

Today is my birthday. 29. Yikes. I have mixed feelings about this number. I think that I should feel old, but I don't. Sometimes I look at my life and see all that I have been blessed with and I think really God? You think I'm old enough, wise enough, mature enough to handle all this responsibility, especially two kids? Apparently so. And I love my life. I love where 29 years has taken me. Exactly where I want to be. Which is right here. I wouldn't trade a thing. Sure, I have made some poor choices and behaved in ways that I am not always proud of, but those moments have shaped who I am and what I value, so I wouldn't trade back a single one. I am happy. I am blessed. My  heart is full. What more can I ask for? Except two more babies, ideally another girl, then a boy, and down the road....our dream farm and home! Dream big, right?!

My day was extra special because it also happened to be Brother's 4 month birthday too!

Four months! I can't believe it. He's growing like a weed. 

I was really excited for my birthday this year. Still not quite sure why. Maybe it's because I have big plans to squeeze every last bit of life out of my 20's before I hit the big, gasp, 3-0. It was a good day. And my little family made it so memorable. So, what did I wish for?

I wanted to go for a hike with my family. And we did at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. Gorgeous.

My girl doesn't run, she prances. Just like a little princess should.

I also requested a picnic lunch. And boy, did my honey deliver. Yum.

I had one more wish. Greedy, I know. I wanted a cake. Not just any old cake. I wanted Nugget and Daddy to make me one. I was thinking maybe some funfetti boxed mix, frosted and dossed in a healthy heap of sprinkles. Just the way Nugget would like it. But I should have know better. He impressed again.

Can you guess who was in charge of the candles?

Holy smokes! (Pun intended) That's a lot of candles!

Homemade Tiramisu. To die for. I can still taste it. Good thing there's over half of it still left in my fridge!

And although I didn't ask for this, I was pleasantly surprised. 
Mama: Nugget, did you get me a present?!
Nugget: Yeah, it's a basket!
Mama: (Trying to deter her away from any more reveals) Ooh, and did you make me a card?
Nugget: It's for your bike!

Looks like we need to work on secret keeping skills.

It's good to be loved, and boy, was I sure spoiled today. Cheers to my 29th birthday, and may I be forever young!

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  1. Well HAppY BiRTHday sweet friend!!! You are such a beauty inside and out. This year will be great I just know it;)