Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's the little, everyday moments that I love the most about being a Mama. Their sweet smiles and little laughs, picking out which adorable outfit they will wear for the day, holding her little hand as we cross a busy parking lot, nursing him, reading together, snuggles and prayers before bed, Eskimo kisses, scratching her back, I could go on forever.

What was the little moment that made me happy today? Giving them a bath. There is just something so tender and sweet about washing away the day's dirt, splashing in the water, slathering lotion on their little bodies and dressing them in fresh jammies. It's so calming and refreshing, not only for them, but for me. It forces me to slow down. To put everything else aside. And just soak them in.

I love, love, love our claw foot tub. One of the many features that sold me on our home.

Such a good little man during his baths. Just hangs out and watches me while I do my thing.

These are my favorite towels, ever! My dear friend's aunt made them for my babies. Thanks Rachel!

Love her little face and those long eyelashes.

My little green monster.

And my recipe for delicious smelling littles? This:

I'm curious, what's your favorite little everyday moment?


  1. Love it, Amy! You do such a great job....very sweet pictures of you little ones. They are beautiful!!! I love when my kids first get up in the morning....the cute little "good mornings" they give with their sleepy voices!!! I melt with that every time:)

  2. my favorite things are hugs in the morning from my girlies and butterfly kisses at night. it's really wonderful being a mom! those pics were so cute that little green monster:)