Sunday, January 8, 2012


We had a great weekend around here. Lots of daydreaming, thoughts of someday, eBay searching, cleaning, painting, and taking care of littles. These are the kinds of days that fuel me....the dreaming, planning, creating....its all so inspiring and breaks the monotony of my day-to-day life. Half my house is spit-shine clean, the other half is a disaster. But if I focus on the clean half, that makes me even more happy. I'll finish up the rest throughout the week. Just in time for today's clean parts to be dirty again. But I've come to accept that as my fate these days. It's just impossible to clean my entire house in one day anymore, and it's never gonna stay clean for long. But I also know that there will be a day when I will miss the mess, when my littles will be biggers, and I will long for them to come home and make a mess of my house. So today I will embrace it. Toys spilled everywhere and questionable stickiness on my floors.

I am ready to jump into the week that lies ahead, both feet at the same time. We have had an absurdly long hiatus from our usual activities, and this week they all FINALLY resume. Can I get an Amen sista? After a six week long 'holiday' break from school, Nugget asked me the other day at breakfast 'Mama, do I go to school anymore?' Aww, poor girl. You sure do. And we'll be back at it this week! Along with dance and story time at the library...can't wait! Get me out of this house!

Anyways, here's what's kept us busy this past week or so...

Nugget got to go on her first ice fishing adventure with Daddy. Her highlight was naming Daddy's decoys (Debbie Decoy and Sally Sucker, creative if I do say so myself) and eating caramel corn in the spear house.

Sadly, they didn't get any fish that day, but Nick did spear this fella later in the week. Gross.

I loved my new Christmas card display this year, but was not sad to see it go. Decluttering just feels so darn good sometimes.

Brother was extra messy at meal times this week...

And Nugget and I shared some pants...

I'm in the market for a new camera lens, more specifically a wide-angle lens, and we had fun playing around with one I rented for the week. 

We were getting pretty stir crazy during the week, so the kids indulged in a little mid-day bath.

 It was lots of fun, but Brother let me know when he'd had enough...

I found him sleeping like this one night...

Nugget and I enjoyed a little baking...

And bedtime snacks don't get much better than muffins still warm from the oven, spread with melted butter and a cold glass of milk.

There's still time to enter my GIVEAWAY, I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner! In the meantime, have a happy Monday!


  1. Breaks are always wonderful, but I do enjoy getting back into a routine! I agree with you on de-cluttering after the holidays- what a refreshing feeling! Love the pictures of the kids in the bath!!!-
    Hey, I never got back to you about the shredded paper. YES- I have lots of it, and can surely share with you:)

  2. Your children are absolutely darling! I can't wait for #2 to come along so I can see sibling interaction.

  3. Awww those tears. Breaks my heart...but yet so irresistibly cute at the same time.

  4. Love the bath time pictures! You do a great job at capturing their natural expressions. You can just see the love between your kids!

  5. Amy the hardest thing to do is let go of the only really bothers us that is us moms...the rest of the family seem to be okay with it and seem to not even notice. So remember you LIVE in a house, if your house is a model home you are NOT LIVING in the house or making good memories with your family.Your kids will not remember how clean your house was, they will remember what you DID in the house and doing comes with a price...messy. My suggestion keep ONE room clean in the room for you to relax in and energize..the rest you can let go :)...that is until others come to your home for a visit :)

  6. oops, should be one room clean in the probably understood :)

  7. Aww, you sure did have a wonderful week and weekend! That time with your littles is so precious! How special Nugget got to go ice fishing with her daddy! I'll say it one more time: Precious! Have a happy Monday!

  8. look at your girl with her daddy! it's so sweet she got to go with him.

    and the pants sharing picture is hilarious!

    bathtub pics? precious!!!

    mmm, warm muffins. wish you were my neighbor! : )

  9. Wow- Look at you figuring out all of this blogging world... Feedjit... Like within... Look out Kelle Hampton, there's a new hot blogging mama in town! :) Sounds like you had a splendid weekend! Good for you!

  10. Your children are gorgeous! I'm so glad I found your blog tonight! My 1st child is an {almost 4 yr old} girl & we have now have a 9 week old baby boy. Seeing your photos of your 2 together, made me excited about whats to come :) I look forward to more posts from you & sharing this bloggy world :)