Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm needing a little pick me up today, so thought I'd jump on board with Lemonade Makin' Mama and focus on the positives.


Currently loving... the snow. It finally feels like winter here, and it's only nearing the end of January. Ha.

Currently reading... US Weekly, Parents, Parenting, and Family Fun. Wish there was time for a novel.

Currently wishing...I could go to craft weekend.

Currently excited about...our upstairs bathroom remodel. I've showered in a cold basement for the last six years. No more, my friends, no more.

Currently missing... time for myself.

Currently trying...to improve my photo skills.

Currently working at...finding a balance for it all.

Currently enjoying...Mother's Milk organic tea with honey.

Currently snacking on...trail mix.

Currently using...Coconut Lemongrass lip balm from here. Its super silky smooth and makes me think of summer.

Currently wearing...yoga pants. Would you expect anything else?

Currently planning...Brother's first birthday party. Only three more weeks!

Currently signing...'Three Little Birds' by Renee and Jeremy.

Currently needing...a new broom. Nick used ours to kill a bat the other night. Apparently we stirred some things up with our bathroom demo this weekend. Nasty.

Currently learning...to sew. This makes me especially happy.

Currently listening to...nothing. Pure silence, except the clicks of my keyboard. Love it.

Currently doing...lots of crafting.

Currently praying for...peace. patience. my family.

Currently dreaming of...a girls date with my Nugget.

What are YOU currently up to?


  1. currently still in my jammies...lazy. little chick was still home today. why do i lay around like i'm the one recovering??

  2. Sorry you were feeling the need for a pick-me-up. I keep looking forward to our crafting night, and it makes me feel better! I would love to go to Meg's crafting weekend too!! What did you sew from those fun fabrics? Currently I'm typing with one hand and getting slobbery kisses from H.

  3. those fabrics are gorgeous. you really are on a roll with the sewing. and that first pic of your girl is beautiful. love it. i'm always always trying to find a good balance and wondering how to juggle it all. i think it's a lifelong journey.

  4. I want to know too, what are you doing with the cute fabrics?? I am so excited for you about your bathroom remodel!!! I can't wait to see it! I think I have a 4 day weekend in February....would you be up to try again?!

  5. Hi Amy, loved hearing all the current updates...me, trying to organize and do odd and ends while having a toddler in the house :)..life is always interesting. One day we will both have our own time again but the down part is our current kids will not be with us and we will wish we had our current life...so enjoy the moments now because we do not get a second chance to have our kids little again, no redos...ugh. My second child is going off to college soon and the house will only have 5 kids instead of 7. I hate the thought of this, the house changes as each child leaves. I love reading your posts because it reminds me of my life once upon a time...in a way your post let me have a redo moment...thank you...hugs!

  6. LOVE these kind of posts! I did one several months ago. Maybe it's time for another.

    Ps your babies are way too adorable. you need to post more photos of them. :)


  7. I am planning to do this soon as well. Isn't listening to nothing wonderful? Thanks for sharing..it was fun to read.