Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here's a peek into our lives the past week or two...

Nugget's dance class resumed after a three week break. She goes to class on Saturday mornings, and it just so happened that Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve both fell on Saturdays. Go figure. Anyway, her first class back was 'parent watch week'. Too long of a break coupled with a bunch of people watching her was enough to send my girl into her recluse. Needless to say, she mostly watched her class dance, instead of showing off her killer moves.

 She still makes for one cute little ballerina.

 I swear, this is the only day of the week she allows me to do her hair.
And a high bun is the request each week.

 Daddy's attempts to get her to participate.

Since Sissy wasn't dancing, Brother wanted to hop in and take her spot.

The Little Mister getting into some mischief...

Why is this so fascinating? Pull out all the wipes, suck on a few, Mom cleans them up, repeat.

I was about to break my back lugging Brother around in his car seat and hoisting him up into the car, so it was time for an upgrade...

And we discovered a new love to keep us busy on gym at the local gymnastics club. The best six bucks I'll spend all week. And FYI, lighting in a large tin shed sucks. Just sayin'.

 He sits like this all the time. Just waiting for the day when he'll stand up and take off walking!

Funny how a year ago when she actually took lessons here, she was terrified of the rope swing.
Now it's one of her favorites.

Brother can't get enough of bouncing himself on the trampoline.

A random fact you may or may not know about dad and I were both gymnasts. I think my dad will get a kick out of these next ones (Hi Dad!)...

 Mounting the bar.

 'That was cool, right Mom? Yay! Clap for me!'

 Waving to his fans, aka Mom.

And the dismount.

The kid has potential. Maybe not quite a 10.0 for difficulty, but definitely for cuteness.

Alright, that's all for now. Happy hump day.


  1. I agree with the 10 for cuteness! I love the picture of 'brother' coming through the big tunnel. We haven't switched Aiden's car seat yet, but we've been thinking about it. It seems 'brother' loves his car seat...jealous!

  2. nugget's leg warmers in action, or not-so-action are entirely adorable. : )

  3. That bun is adorbs! Do you make house-calls? (for me)