Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh my gosh, I had SO much fun reading all your comments and finding out new things about YOU! And to those of you who took the time to introduce yourselves, thank you! Who knew all you readers out there were so funny and witty? I never would have guessed one of you was a contestant on an MTV Spring Break special, and another one of you faked failing an eye exam in an attempt to get glasses. You girls are a royal hoot. It was a delight to find your comments in my inbox, and made me smile on many occasions.
Here's a chance for me to make you smile in return...

We like fake mustaches around here.

Anywho, I am super excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway. I really wanted to throw all your comments in a hat and pick a winner, cause I'm old school like that. But if you wanna run with the big dogs you gotta be legit, so in the end I went with Maybe next time we can use the hat.

The winner of the inspire necklace is....

Comment #14, Shari:

Okay this is super hard because you know soo much about me and my kiddos!Soo I have to go back in time and then bring you forward. When Mike and I were planning our wedding I made the printer put on my wedding invitation NO children allowed/invited. I was not into kids at the time and did not even have a flower girl or ring bearer in our wedding. Greg Radermacher made it look like I did and I took a picture with my new niece betsy, she was about 5 at the time...she came to our wedding with a cute flower girl dress on with along with a basket...think my new family was telling me something. We had Erica, Matt and Maria and we both thought we were done. One day I was listening to talk radio and a man shared his story about adopting this boy who was four and how that a child who was that age was considered to be unadoptable. That day I shared the story with Mike and we prayed about what we do...we decided we would adopt an older child because we had our baby time and would let other families that did not have baby time get those children. The day I step into an orphanage the first time changed my life. I told Mike on the plane ride home from Belarus that I wanted to do it again and he said "when"..well then we had Max and Julia...thought we were done and now we have danil and now you will really find out something new...having the stirring again but this time IF there is a this time I want to adopt a special needs child that is 5 to 7 range...I already have a little boy picked out on reeces rainbow.He is seven, he has mild cp and is cross eyed...thankfully he has been kept back in the baby home. He WANTS a mom and dad big time. We are back to prayer, if we can't bring him home I soo want to help find him a home. His picture is on my laptop, every day I say good morning and good night to this sweet boy. I know we have room in our heart and home, it comes down to money. After 4 adoptions it get always Mike is willing to consider. Remember 10 months ago I said Never again..for some reason I keep getting the call...I guess God knows I don't hang up on him :)...I never thought I would consider a special needs child but I have learned that all children who are adopted have special needs; some needs are more pronounced and noticeable than others...

Although so many of you are deserving of all life's pretty things, Shari is truly inspiring to me. She has three biological children, and has adopted four children from Russia. If you read her comment, you'll see that another little boy is weighing on her heart. Please keep them in your prayers. I don't know anyone else in the world who is as unselfish and dedicated as Shari. She has given me the best life advice time and time again, and somehow she always has the exact words I need to hear at any given moment.

I was all excited to show off my fancy new email and say 'Congratulations! Please send your contact info to', but since she's my friend and I already have her info, i'll save it for another time.

Thanks again for participating in my little giveaway! I'm already scheming up what I can do next time!


  1. congrats to the deserving winner!

    i like mustaches, too. fake ones, i mean. i always get tickled when i see your family and their fakies. : )

  2. Amy such an honor to win your contest!! Your introduction of me and my story brought tears to my are soo kind with your description!! I do hope that if I inspire others I will inspire them to care for others in need and to go outside ones comfort level at times to do so. Thank you for your friendship and for all the support you have given me as well as my family.You are a dear, sweet friend who has always inspired me...from your days as teaching my maxi to your mommy always give 110% and put others before your you see my friend you are an inspiration to me too!! Thank you soo much for the prayer request...this little boy needs to come home soon!!

  3. Shari's comment is awesome! She is an inspiration so it is totally fitting that she is the winner! Love it!

  4. Cute mustache, Nugget! What a little doll!