Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Did you read those books as a kid? I did. And I loved them. I remember curling up in my bed and getting lost in those books for hours. I still have them too. They're sitting on a bookshelf in a closet, just waiting patiently for the day when Nugget is ready for them. Back in my day (ha ha ha!) there were four dolls to choose from. Four. Samantha, Molly, Felicity and Addy. Now there's a bajillion of them. I wanted one so bad. I begged my mom for years. And finally a day came when I was gifted one for Christmas. Felicity.

I was so happy to finally have such a special doll, that I was almost too afraid to play with her. She was so valuable to me that I wanted to keep her in pristine condition. She stood, perched upright by a doll stand, on a small table in a corner of my bedroom. Once in awhile I would take her down and brush her hair and redo her ponytail, but that was about it.

Fast forward to present day, and the American Girl brand is omnipresent. The closest store used to be in the heart of Chicago, now there's one just a short drive away. Some time ago, Nugget came across my Felicity doll in a closet, and of course wanted to play with her. You may think that I would have had a small heart attack, but I've changed a lot since I was ten, thankfully. I was happy to hand her over to Nugget, let the doll get some proper lovin', and see something that made me so happy make her happy too.

Felicity's ponytail is long gone, her wardrobe has been updated, and she was renamed Emily. All as to be expected when cared for by a three year old. Needless to say, 'Emily' was is dire need of a good hair brushing, but the problem is her hair is a wig, so you can't just use any old  brush. I smoothed it down the best I could, gathered it into a braid, and tried to hide the rats nest by adorning it with a flower clip. It worked for a while, but like with many cover ups, it didn't last. I know I could have just ordered a brush online and called it a day, but I saw it as an opportunity to indulge in something I knew Nugget would love.

I took her to the American Girl Store. We've been there before, dined with her Bitty Baby, played in the store. But she didn't recall those memories, so this was a whole new world again for her.

Did you know the store now has a doll hair salon? And you can get your dolls ears pierced? Seriously, talk about a money maker. But of course, being the good Mama that I am, I allowed myself to get sucked right into it and paid $14 dollars for this...

However, I was repaid ten fold by the smiles on Nugget's sweet little face.

Once Emily's hair was untangled, we headed upstairs to the Bistro and had lunch. This should be every little girl's dream.

Nugget had a ball sharing lunch and pink lemonade with Emily. She also kept asking me to 'read more questions'. They were surprisingly fun, and Nugget had some good answers. For instance, I didn't know that Nugget thinks the most beautiful animal in the world is a camel. And Christmas is her favorite day of the year. She would rather vacation on the beach than in the mountains, which she could truly answer as she has been to both. Her favorite sandwich is pb and j, that I knew. And she renamed each of us in her family, assigning us all as a Disney princess. I may just have to make up one of these little games for our dinning room table, pretty cute if I do say so.

Before leaving, we bought Emily a proper hair brush, and Nugget brushed her hair all the way home. Now I'm finding strands of red wig hair everywhere. Ha. But I'll deal.

What a fun, sweet day we were able to share together. I know this memory may escape her in time, but then I'll just have an excuse to do it all over again.

Before I go, I have a question for you...

For me, hands down, I love regular mail all the way. In this age of technology, I fear that sending a hand written note will become a lost art. That's why I send them all the time. And I look forward to checking our mail box daily, anticipating what treasures will await me. Maybe a package from Mini Boden. Perhaps a new parenting or house magazine to read. Maybe even a card from Nana. Checking my mailbox is a true highlight of my day. I know, I'm lame. How about you? Which do you prefer?


  1. well i really loved the mail from you, of course! most of my family is in california so they send us postcards and letters a lot - it's very sweet!

    this day looks so FUN. i'm 26 and this made me feel 5 all over again. i want to go! one day! i don't think we have any American Girl stores around here. boo to the hoo! but the pic of Felicity, i mean, Emily, getting her hair done is a hoot!!! Nugget looks glowing and so thrilled. how cute!

  2. I think now that I am following you I can leave a comment. I don't really know how to work my own blog, much less anyone elses...anyway, good read and I thought I had gotten over my "I need a little girl" yearning but each time I read here I start thinking pink. smile.

  3. I'm so jealous! When I was little my Grandma gave me an American Girl doll every year for Christmas -- but back then there wasn't a store to go to for tea parties and hair appointments!! Nugget and "Emily" are lucky little ladies.

  4. The girls each have one, but never played with them. I tried but Barbie always won out. Fun day. Miss that store.

  5. How fun! Adi received her first Bitty Baby for Christmas this year. What a fun little girlie outing it would be to go to the store!!!
    Snail Mail all the way...Only if there are awesome friends like you to be so thoughtful and send fun things!!!! I need to be better about that- thanks for the reminder:)
    Love you, friend!

  6. I had an American Girl doll that looked like me. Then there were just the options of the eye color and hair color. I know now that you can pick the hair style (curly, waves, bangs, and more!) and also get freckles and other cute features. I remember saving my pennies for new outfits. I never played with her though. Like yours, mine stood nicely in her doll stand and I would change her outfit to fit the season! Ha! I hope to have a daughter some day that will want one. The catalog comes to my apartment address as current resident and I totally look at it and dream. I hope to have a daughter some day that will want one!

    I love sending mail and receiving it is even better! I love the personal touch of handwriting and there are SO many cute cards and stationary sets out there! I have a stash. ;)

  7. what a sweet doll- and daughter

    I could never bring myself to drop down the cash for an American doll, and now there are just too many to choose from...