Saturday, December 3, 2011


I think I've mentioned a time or two how much I love living in a small town. And here's another reason why. The annual holiday Parade of Lights.

It's another fun activity to add to our plethora of holiday traditions, and a great excuse to meet up with some good friends.

It was COLD, so we bundled up tight.

Thank goodness it's a short parade, lasting less than a half hour. We walked down to the park afterwards, where there was to be a scavenger hunt and fireworks, but we didn't stay long as Nugget was cold and wanted to go home. Rumor has it that the scavenger hunt bags only included a pencil and a coupon for a local pizza joint, so it doesn't look like we missed much. And we could see the fireworks from our home. We watched for a few minutes, but Nugget actually asked to go to bed instead of watch them. It had been a busy day, and she must have been pretty tired!

Mama and a cold/tired Nugget at the park.

I snapped a few pics along Main Street on our walk home, and that about wrapped up the 2011 Parade of Lights, for our family anyways. 

It felt so good coming home to our warm, cozy house and snuggling under layers to blankets to thaw back out again. But cold and all, I already can't wait to do it again next year. Because traditions are awesome. What are some of your favorite ones?


  1. love your little mayberry town. seriously too sweet!

  2. looks like a fun tradition! those winter activities sure make me appreciate the warm and cozy indoors we have! ;)

  3. oh gorgeous! you and nugget look like twins!!!

  4. loved your card too by the way girlie. did you make that somehow?? it was too cool!!!