Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 I went to bed on Christmas Eve eager for the magic that was to unfold in the morning, and that it did.

The kids woke at 7am, and Nugget immediately asked if Santa had come. We moseyed downstairs and find out that he indeed made a stop at our house! Nugget scoped out his cookie crumbs and letter before turning her attention to the tree. The kids wasted no time digging into their gifts.
 Opening 'Goldilicious', a book she's had her eye on!
 Really, he would have been happy with the paper and a bow :)

Pure adoration. Her current love--all things mermaid.

 Brother was getting a little hungry for breakfast, so we tried to hold him over with cheerios. That didn't last long, so he had a take a break from present opening and eat. Such a boy.

The kids opened a joint present from Santa, and Nugget was in love. Brother, well, he liked the paper.

 Little People Nativity Scene

Nugget's wish for the pink princess cd player was granted. Lucky little girl.

Nugget got to give her very own gifts this year. She gave Daddy new gloves. This one melts my heart, as one day she and Nick were putting air in the car tires, and she noticed a whole in his glove. She insisted he needed new ones for Christmas. Bless her sweet little heart. She picked out some fun Santa pjs for Mommy, and a Jack-in-the-Box for Brother. In return, Brother gave her a fun new board game called The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. Super cute.


I gave Nick some attachments for our KitchenAid mixer and a copy of the original St. Wence cookbook. Lets be honest, Nick is the real cook in our family. He spoiled me with some fun new PINK sweatsuits, which lets be honest again, is the staple of my stay-at-home-mama wardrobe.

Daddy made us a delicious Eggs Benedict for breakfast. We were all so full and decided a rest was a good idea, so while Brother napped, the three of us snuggled up and watched Charlie Brown Christmas.

Upon waking, we had a few more gifts to open...

We played the rest of the morning away before it was time to head out to my Grandparents house with my dad's side of the family. They are a hoot and we always have so much fun.

 Props to the 'game committee' who created a fun family and holiday trivia game.

We asked my neice to snap a quick picture of us before it was time to head home.

And that's a wrap on the Slavik Family Christmas of 2011. Cheers to Brother's first Christmas!

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  1. look at that cute family of yours! sounds like the perfect Christmas day!!! so glad everyone enjoyed it, especially since it's brother's very first!