Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's here. Christmas. My favorite time of year. Although I think every time of year is my favorite, because I always have something to look forward to. Like in January, my man turns the big three oh. And in February my little man will turn the little one. Then comes spring, and after hunkering down for the better part of five months in the frozen tundra, we'll be chomping at the bit to get some fresh air. Then there's the summer. Oh, sweet summer. I vow to take my kids outside everyday possible to make up for the frozen tundra. June will lead me into the three oh club as well. And I'm ok with that, because most days I still feel like I'm sixteen. Alright, maybe not quite sixteen, but thirty is just a number and I definitely don't feel 'old'. Had enough? Nah, I'll keep going. There's the 4th of July and my sweet Nugget girl's birthday in August. Then fall. Man, I love fall. Crunchy leaves and cool nights. Halloween and pumpkins. And then we're brought right back around to here. Christmas. Full circle baby.

Last weekend we went to pick out our Christmas tree. After a terrible experience with the Boy Scouts and a Charlie Brown like Christmas tree (Seriously, it was needle less at the end), we have gone the cut down your own tree route for the last four years now. And oh how I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. This will be a tradition that my kids will remember, sharing the stories with their own kids someday.

Nugget wasn't digging it at first, but slowly warmed up. Warmed up? Who are we kidding, it's Minnesota. It was freezing, which I think is why she wasn't too cheerful, but she got over it.

We chose a new species of tree this year. Don't ask me what it's called because I couldn't tell you and really don't care to Google it. But I'm all for changing it up, keeping things fresh. The needles are soft and long. Easier to clean up. I like it.

Brother had a grand ol' time. He doesn't care where we go. As long as he's got his Mama, he's game.

And sister?

Told ya she cheered up. Who could resist?

It was our first time cutting our own tree at this particular tree farm, and they had some fancy equipment to boot. Shook out all the loose needles and wrapped it up. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

The next day Nugget and I set out to decorate. She loved every minute of it. And surprisingly, Brother has stayed out of trouble. Cue Hallelujah!

Although Nick begs to differ, I think the tree leans slightly to the right. But whatever, I don't care. At least not enough to try to fix it. As long as it doesn't fall over, we're good.

I love unwrapping all our ornaments, and how each one holds a special, heart warming, 'remember when' story. Remember when I made these gingerbread ornaments with my kindergarten students? I made a Mr. and Mrs. for Nick and I. Remember when there was a time when Nugget went to daycare and she 'made' this for us? Remember when our girl was a little ballerina and absolutely loved dance class?

This year we get to add to our list remember when we went to Manic Ceramic and painted ornaments for Nugget and Brother? (We had to leave them at the studio to be fired in the kiln, so we'll get them in a week or so).

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.


  1. so pretty and fun! my family has been never gone the real tree route, but i think i would like to do this tradition with my own family someday!

  2. I love your tree, and I want your tree skirt! We put ours up this past weekend, and I love the cozy-ness it adds to the house:)