Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last week I took the kids to see Santa at our local grocery store. I know, the grocery store, right? But I was pretty impressed with Santa, and the quality of the photos (even though these ones are scanned in so they're not the clearest).

I knew my chances of getting Nugget to sit on this lap were slim to none, so I didn't even push it. But I wasn't expecting Brother to react like this...I should have known though, he is nine months old after all, prime time for fear of strangers to kick in...especially strangers in the form of Santa. Poor Santa. Must make him feel a little sad that one look at him sends kids bursting into tears.

Maybe a Nuk and blankie will help...

Aww, now there we go.

Santa was awesome. He sensed Nugget's shy curiosity about him, and somehow talked her into this...

Not bad. Just wish Nick would have been there! Check another holiday tradition off our list.


  1. oh no! those are precious pictures. he's the real deal too;)

  2. those pictures are priceless! so fun :) i love the tradition building!

  3. awww... i can't really blame brother. i mean a bearded big man in a bright red suit would about do me in, too! ; ) the last picture is so presh. i still cannot believe how much you and your girl look alike.