Thursday, December 15, 2011


Nick and I were just commenting the other day that these past ten months since Brother came into the world have gone by fast. Faster than we remember them going with Nugget. But thus is life with a three year old and a baby....busy, busy, busy, to say the least.

Before I go any further, please pardon my photos. I do not like to use a flash, but what's a girl to do when the sun hasn't shined in three days? I tried some with, some without. I gotta move fast as Brother is a busy man on the go, so I take what I can get and call it a success. I edited a bit, but they still vary quite a bit. Give me a break, please. Thanks.

Here's what's new in the world of my ten month old:

*Crawls FAST. I can tell where he is in the house and how fast he is moving by the sound of his little chubby hands pitter-pattering along our wood floors. I will miss this sound.

*Creeping along furniture, mainly the couch. He has also been testing his sea legs by walking behind a push toy. Still a bit wobbly, but getting better every time.

*We have caught him standing several times, although just for a second or two. By the time Nick or I shout for each other to come and see, the moment has passed.

*Brother learned how to climb the stairs. Not good.

*He can clap! I love this! He is so happy all the time, and when he gets really excited, he'll clap like he's giving us his approval.

*Can shake his head 'no'. I swear he uses it in context too. Like when we try to feed him cereal, he shakes his head like he's proclaiming 'No no, Mama. I'm a big boy!'

*Speaking of being a big boy... despite our best efforts, he will NOT eat baby food anymore. Only table food. And he drinks water from a sippy cup too. So glad we had another baby friend just starting to eat solids that we could pass along all our homemade baby food too. I would have hated to see that go to waste. Kinda like pumping and dumping. All that hard glad another little man could use it.

*We've been teaching him baby sign for awhile now, although it seems like the little light bulb is starting to shine when he sees the signs now. He smiles when I do 'all done' and I swear he's said 'eye dye' ('all done') a time or two. We also sign eat, milk, bath, bye bye, and obviously no.

*Got another tooth, for a grand total of seven.

*Stranger anxiety has set in. However at the same time, he is a total flirt and will act bashful when people pour attention on him. He likes to turn his head into my shoulder and try to hide, all while a little smile is creeping along his face.

*Has become quite the snuggler with me at night after nursing. We spend time every night with his warm little body sandwiched against mine, his head resting on my shoulder. We talk about our day as I rub his back. He either falls asleep, or lifts his head up to let me know he's ready to be tucked into his crib. I will cherish these moments forever.

*He is super ticklish and has the best giggles, and even has a deep belly laugh when you get him in the right spot.

*Loves to wrestle with Daddy.

*Absolutely adores his big sister. He watches and listens to her intently, and smiles every time he sees her.

*And last but not least, little man loves to read books. One of my favorite things ever.

T minus two months until he turns the big ONE! Party planning is well underway!

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  1. just look at him. sitting like a big boy. geesh time does go fast!