Sunday, October 23, 2011


You gotta love life when it looks like this...

Doing the 'Bean Bag Boogie' at dance.
And it looks like Nugget started a little leg warmer trend at dance too.
But today she's the one in the green skirt and knee high socks.

Just love her to pieces.

Pulled out some old toys, but the kids think they're new!

Nugs has been busy perfecting her happy people. I love them.

We call him the 'Swiper'. I was munching on this apple when Brother spotted it and went nuts.
He just had to have it!

Busted my kids having some good old fashioned fun with a basket full of paper marked for recycling, and the plastic bags that the newspapers come in. Don't worry, there was no suffocation risk imposed, as this was cleary supervised.

Brother thought this was the most hilarious thing he has ever gotten into.

The more Brother giggled, the more Sister shook her bag like crazy.
The more she shook, the harder he giggled!

There it is. That precious little bond again.

Nugget and her baby sporting headbands made by Mama.

Nugget enjoying a little pumpkin painting fun.

Your day can't go wrong when it starts like this. Coffee and a pumpkin pie playdoh donut made by the lovely Miss Nugget.

We had a fun filled day at the zoo, just the three of us.

We started our weekend by cozying up in bed.

We celebrated Halloween a little early with a trick-or-treating event at our local grocery store.

Brother the cow.

And little Nurse Nugget. Watch out, she's a sassy one!

And last but not least...

We spent today doing some much needed yard work. But who says it's all work and no play?

Nugget thought it was a hoot to ride in Daddy's truck and take the leaves to the city compost site.

Playing in the leaves in the back of the truck was really as much fun as it looks.
And I know because I tried it myself!

Hmmm, how much blue can a little boy wear? We thought we'd try it and see.

This makes me happy, our little pumpkin family at home on our front steps.

Looking forward to a busy week ahead, especially as we prepare to spend some time in our happy place...North Captiva Island!

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  1. I must say that your nurse is so cute! I wanna play in the leaves..that looks like a bunch of fun...ours are barely beginning to turn. Have a great week!