Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It was Halloween week at school, which meant the kids were to come to class in their costumes. How adorable. Have a look...

Brother's Baby Class
Back row (L to R): Noah, Hayden, Lukas, Henry
Front row: Shelby, Brother, Ella, Henry

Nugget's apprehension was out in full force today. When she's in familiar surroundings with people she knows, she's totally fine. But having a crowd of ten moms and three teachers all pointing cameras at her sent her over the edge. So I kindly let all the other moms snap away, without us in the picture, then at the end I hopped in with her and had Ms. Mary take a quick picture. I really wanted to capture the memory of how cute she and all her friends looked, but its kinda weird having a picture with your kid MIA. I hope she can laugh at this picture someday, or maybe I scarred her for life. Who knows.

Back row (L to R): Walker, Sky, Hunter, Giovanni (standing), Miss Britt, Charlie, myself and Nugget
Front row: Mac, Maddie, Kate and Carolyn.

The parents and I were laughing at Miss Britt's costume....she is a spunky young gal and dressed as an 80's chick. The kids were probably thinking 'wtf? We've never seen that before!' Ha! She claims she's saving her 'real' costume, a ballerina, for the community preschool party they are hosting on Friday. We shall see...anyhow, she's a hoot and we love her.

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