Thursday, October 6, 2011


Not to be confused with SCHOOL AND AN APPLE TREE. Today was his day. My little man had his first day of ECFE this week. His class really started a few weeks ago, but we missed the first two classes while we were in Utah. The occassion finally forced me to take a picture of him with his cherry tree that Daddy planted for him. I've only been meaning to do it since July. Second children syndrome, poor thing.

So here it is. My little stud muffin on his first day of school, by his special tree, planted just for him.

It's always fun to get a change of scenery, and Brother liked singing and looking at the other babies. And despite class being at the same time as his morning nap, he held in there and partied like a rockstar. (Only to fall asleep on the way out to the parking lot!) Yay for another round of ECFE!

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  1. such a cute idea with the chalk board!! love it. he is so precious!