Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've anxiously been awaiting this. I couldn't wait for her to learn how to do it so I can proudly display them all over my house and tell my friends 'See that one? That one right there. Yes, the one that looks like a potato with sticks in it. That's me. Isn't it beautiful?' 

It's coming. I don't have sticks yet, but I do look like a potato. Isn't it beautiful?

While some of them may look a bit sad, or even mad, I assure you they are happy people. Because when we ask her to draw a smiley face, this is what we get. And smiley faces are happy people.

She's making them all the time. And I'm gonna pepper my walls with them. Because I am a proud Mama, and that's what I do.

There you have it. Our whole little family of happy people. Mama, Daddy, Nugget and Brother. So proud of my girl.

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