Sunday, October 30, 2011


I know I'm a day early, but we're leaving on a jet plane for warmer weather in a few hours, and in case I don't get a chance to say it tomorrow, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I've been going a million miles an hour all day. Why is it that no matter how prepared you are, there is still so much to do last minute? Sure, if I left my house a mess most of the stress would be taken away, but who wants to come home to a messy house? Not me. And holy Hannah, why do we have so much stuff?! Really, that thought has been rattling around in my brain all day. We tried to pack light, but when you go to a tropical island, I mean truly an island, as in we have to take a ferry to get there and the only thing you can drive is a golf cart, I've gotta be prepared for everything. Yikes!

Anyhow, once we board the plane I'll relax and hopefully things will be smooth sailing from there. Back to my post...yes...Boo to you! Hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

Nurse Nugget

Cutest cow ever.

Uh, not great, I know. Taking a nice picture of two kids is nearly impossible.

Last night we had our annual pumpkin carving fun. And if these pumpkins look different than the ones pictured here, that's because they are. Our pumpkins were stolen from our front steps not once, but twice! The first time someone just swiped Brother's baby pumpkin, but the second time some little hoodlums got all three. The only one that survived the raids was Nick's big one. All was good though as my sweet friend Shari let us come out to her family's pumpkin wagon and pick out new pumpkins for free. What a thoughtful friend. Now that they're carved and we're heading out of town, the hoodlums would actually be doing me a favor if they came back again. Just saying.

Nugget's pumpkin and a baby one for Brother.

All on her own, Nugget brought me this picture from one of her books, and said she wanted her pumpkin to look like this. You got it sister.

There he goes swiping things again. He had a ball playing with the newspaper which we had laid out on the table to catch our mess.

And in other, totally unrelated, news....look what the little man learned how to do this weekend.

Ahh, there's that darn pink Nuk again. I really should just throw them away so I won't have to be embarrassed every time I post a picture where he has one! Note to self, go stock up on BLUE Nuks.

No, no, no, he didn't learn how to climb out. At least not yet. But he did learn to pull himself up, in his crib of all places. The only problem is, he doesn't know how to get himself down, so he just stands there and cries until you come rescue him. Cute, but not so fun in the middle of the night!

Gotta run, stay tuned for posts from the island this week!


  1. jealous! i could use a tropical vacation. can't wait to see those pics. have safe.

  2. precious costumes! have a blast on your vacay! soak up some sun and bring it back to this part of the world. :)