Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Nugget had her first day of 'school' today. She was very excited to go, and I was excited to get back in to a routine. Even though her school is really ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education), we both love it. They're offering a new class this year called 'Peek Into Preschool' which is perfect for little Nuggets who are three but aren't yet going to preschool. Due to my babe's late summer birthday, and my experiences as a Kindergarten teacher, I have already chosen to keep her home with me an extra year, which means she'll be six before she enters elementary school. Three years of preschool is a bit much, so this was a great fit for us. This class is quite a bit bigger than her previous ECFE classes, with thirteen kids enrolled. There were some familiar faces along with plenty of new ones, but her teachers stayed the same so that's a huge plus. On the way home I heard all about how she got two mini muffins for snack, she played in the kitchen with some kids and Ms. Sandy, and her buddy Caroline made her playdough. But her favorite part of school today? 'Playing with the rainbow colored girl'. I had to smile and try not to laugh out loud. The rainbow colored girl was actually a little friend named Kate, who happened to be wearing a rainbow striped shirt and matching leggings. Hilarious.

So, to capture her first day of school and keeping in tradition of measuring her growth alongside her apple tree that Daddy planted for her when she was born, we snapped a few pics before heading off to school this morning.

I'm a little sad that this will be her last year attending ECFE classes, but know there are many more wonderful experiences awaiting her. Thank goodness I get to start it all over again with Brother this year, I'm not ready to leave ECFE for good!


  1. We never did those classes, but I heard they were great. She looks so grown up in her cute little shirt and her UGG boots. Yay...a routine. Isn't that wonderful:)

  2. ECFE is a wonderful thing! Love that we have been a part of it! She looks so cute all dressed for 'school'!