Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Every year this day slips by and I tell myself next year I'll do May Day baskets. But it never really happens. Until today. I woke this morning with a seize the day attitude, coupled with thoughts of how much Nugget would love it (I could almost hear her squeals) and decided this was the year. A quick rummage through the basement and our art cabinet, and we had all the fixings for some May Day fun.

During Brother's morning nap, Nugget and I assembled the baskets, using some baskets we had from picking berries last summer, pipe cleaner, and beads. We scrounged our cupboards some more and came up with a few basket fillers- tea and stickers- but it was not enough. A quick trip to the store yielded candy, gum, nail polish, strawberry drinking straws and baby food. We had five baskets, and Nugget carefully chose who she wanted to be the recipients. It was decided that we would share the May Day love with Daddy, a playmate, two neighbors, and herself. Sometimes, its really hard to part with all that fabulous loot, and I was totally okay with her feeling some special love today too.

I gave Nugget a briefing on how to sneak up to the door, place the basket on the step, ring the doorbell, and then run like the dickens. She giggled in delight and was ready to go.

She chose to deliver her friend Alice's basket first. It was awesome. But we had to be extra sneaky as the garage was up and the front door was wide open, signaling that we could be busted on a moments notice. She did great, tip toeing up to the door, setting the basket down....but then she froze. Just stood there. With their door all wide open. So I quickly scooped her up, rang the doorbell, and we high tailed it outta there. I got a message from Alice's mom upon our return home that read
"Oh my goodness that was sooooo awesome! Alice screamed she was so excited! She is enjoying a glass of strawberry milk now!!  Nugget has to be having a blast! Thank you!" Made me smile.

I must say it is quite an awesome feeling to deliver happiness to others, especially when it comes in the form of making memories with my girl. I know she's gonna remember it and talk about it for a long time to come.

Our next stop was Daddy, in which we decided not to be discreet, because we all love to see him midday. My kids shoved as much of his candy in their mouths as they could, and we were off.

Our third and fourth stops were to neighbors. We got busted at one, as they were leaving the house right as we were approaching, but they were still surprised and touched by the thoughtfulness. The last one was delivered as a family after dinner, cause Daddy wanted in on the fun. I don't think anyone was home when we rang, but that's okay. More getaway time ;)

I wish we could have done even more, as we hardly even scratched the surface of people whose day we would have liked to brighten. But four was the perfect amount for my wee ones. And we even found that someone delivered one to us during nap time! (Thanks Gullicksons, you tickled her pink!)

With all the fun May Day brought us today, I think its pretty safe to say we just adopted ourselves a new tradition, one that we will not let slip by anymore!

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  1. How fun!!! You are the best Mommy!!! I've never done May Day baskets, but you make me wish I would have. We'll have to try for that one next year!