Monday, May 14, 2012


I love black and white photos, although I tend to always chicken out and stick with color. Which I think I have backwards. Color is more daring, black and white is more classic. Right? Well anyways, I saw this idea from the sweet Alyssa Ann, and thought it sounded fun. If nothing else, it forced me to play around with my new camera, which I still haven't really done. I love how these moments were captured, and the best editing!

Favorite garage sale finds so far this year? Duplos and Lincoln Logs.

Seriously a mess.

A trip to town for ice cream.

The boy loves to eat. What more can I say?

Gerber Graduates Crunchies = Baby Crack.

The frog is back (under our hot tub cover). Gross yet fun. We like to hear him during the day, and man, is he loud!

Want to try this too? So simple. In your menu settings, go to Picture Style, then select Monochrome. Play around and have fun!

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