Thursday, April 26, 2012


Everyone in my family has gotten the flu bug at some time or another this late winter/early spring. Every time it took one of them out, I prayed that it would have mercy on me. Mamas can never afford to be sick, ya know? I've been pretty lucky, miraculously avoiding it. Until this week. I thought for sure my number was up. I've had a constant headache for four days, a few dizzy spells here and there, and I slept with a bucket by my side last night. But it never came. That's the worst. You know how you just wish it would hit you so you could feel better and move on? I don't know what's bringing me down this week, but I do know that I am not pregnant. Yes, one could make that assumption given the stated above symptoms, but I have ruled it out because I peed on a stick this morning and those suckers don't lie. So, I'm left to pray that whatever this is goes away soon, and if not, I'm holding out hope that my chiropractor has some answers next week, when I can finally get in.

I state all that to remind myself to not take being healthy and feeling energetic for granted. When I'm knocked down on the couch holding an ice pack to my head, all I can think about is how much it sucks to feel yucky and of all the things I want to or should be doing instead of lying there. And my kids. My poor kids. They need me and don't understand why I'm cranky and carrying a bucket at my side.

It's also given me a glimpse of what it will be like to be pregnant while also caring for two small children. Pregnancy and I do not mix well for the first, I don't know, eighteen weeks or so. Lord have mercy on me when I have to cross that bridge for real. Why must women suffer like that?!

Anyways, we've managed to squeeze in some fun, in between my aliments this week.

My kids have taken a liking to small spaces. And bring naked. You've got to pick and choose your battles, and I am totally okay with my kids being comfortable and free in their own home.

 Repurposing our foot stool.

 My kids go bananas for forts.

Laundry basket beds are pretty cozy. That is if you are three or under and can actually fit in one.

Here's a little fun the whole family is sure to enjoy. Go on a scavenger hunt. I printed this one from Pinterest, and made a pair of binoculars by stapling two toilet paper tubes together and attaching a long piece of ribbon. Nugget thought it was the greatest thing ever. Every time she spied one of her pictured items, she excitedly exclaimed "Cross it off!". I think we found all but a bus.

I've been watching and waiting for this day. A chance to share with my girl a fond memory from my own childhood. Except I remember actually putting on my bathing suit and going "swimming" in it. Yikes. Too bad this happened the day after my girl was taken down by a little stomach bug and I not feeling up to par. It wasn't quite the romp I had hoped for, but we still slipped into our rain boots and frolicked in the water.

Flushing out the fire hydrant across from our house.

Brother had his first run in with concrete this week. Let's just say he didn't win the fight.

It happened when we were over at a friends house for a play date. He was getting a gentle ride in a little fire truck, pushed by one of Nugget's friends. I think it involved making a turn and Brother not knowing the importance of holding on, and out the side he toppled, met by a face plant onto the driveway. He wouldn't let me hold ice to it, so it actually got quite a bit worse than pictured here, but scabbed up quickly and looks better already. Other than the initial impact, he hasn't seemed bothered by it, even when he woke up the next moring with his eye almost swollen shut. Poor dude.

And today, on our way home from having a picnic lunch with Daddy at work, we stopped at a few garage sales where we scored big. I filled a grocery bag with quality clothing for the little man for only $18, and Nugget scored the ride of her life for $7.

I'm thinking it will serve well as a winter boredom buster, no? Brother loves it too. It's funny watching a one year old learn to jump. For now he just stands on it and bends his knees. So cute.

This weekend holds promises of dance class followed by a trip to the bakery with dance friends, then getting some work done around the house/yard. Oh yes, and evening Mad Men marathons with my man. Can't wait.


  1. Sorry you're feeling so yucky!! I hear ya on the pregnancy- not good over here for about the first 3 months, either! I'd rather go through labor 10 times over, than feel that yucky!!! Hoping it passes quickly for you! Thanks for the reminder of the scavenger hunt- I have that pinned also. I'll have to remember it! Poor little Brother!!!- Hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. 1. Get well soon dear! And Brother too...allthough I bet he has already forgotton about the incident and probably doesn't care about what it looks like. Boys, gotta love em!
    2. Forts ARE the coolest! I had a plastic slide in my room and it was always propped up on the bed with a blanket over memories.
    3. My best childhood friend had one of those mini trampolines and we burned many a calorie...if I had only kept it up!
    4. Let's playdate when you have time!

  3. She loved the little trampoline we have at Trevor's party! :)

  4. i don't know how i missed this one. i hope you all are well by now. poor brother! it's so sad when they get all bloodied up... boys are especially good at that. the scavenger hunt is adorable, and your binoculars are too darn cute!