Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've admitted before that I'm not the most prompt blogger, so don't let it surprise you that I'm just now posting about a date night that happened nearly two weeks ago. All good things must be documented, so just roll with it, okay?

Nick secured a pair of tickets to see Adam Carolla, one of his favorite comedians, whose podcasts he also happens to listen to daily. He actually went to see him about this time last year too, but at that time I had a new baby at home and wasn't ready to leave him, so Nick went with a friend instead. Although I don't listen to Adam's podcasts, I do remember him from MTV's Love Line way back when, and I'm always game for a date night with my man. So win win all around.

The event was downtown St. Paul at the famous Fitzgerald Theater. Nick wanted to go to a nice dinner beforehand, but I was concerned about timing, so we opted to go to a little dive we've always wanted to visit but never had.

It was a wise choice we made. It was super awesome inside.

Created from a box car and equipped with limited seating, we were lucky to snag one of the four booths in the joint. I felt a little rushed when I saw this sign, but we stayed well past the time limit and nobody kicked us out.

We broke the rules of our usual family dinning, and had dessert first. Just call us rebels.

We enjoyed each others company and tried not to talk about the kids too much. Which is hard to do sometimes.

Note to self: Point chin down! Why do I always do this?!

There. That's better.

If you're gonna eat dessert first, you might as well blow the whole night and have this for dinner...

We got a good laugh when our been around the block a few times waitress brought us our check(s). Separate, like we were on our first date or something.

At least she put the chocolate malt on Nick's tab, so I was a cheap date.

Then we were off to see the show. Sweet pic, I know.

No matter what we do, it's just nice to get out, the two of us. We love our kids dearly, but breaks are so refreshing every now and then. We called it an early night and headed home afterwards, which proved to be a wise decision come about 3am when our little Nuggie woke up with the flu.

She mended very quickly, and no one else, including our sitter that night, caught her bug. Thank goodness.

Date night was awesome. Hope we get to do it again soon. Minus the flu part.


  1. how pretty are you!!! love this. so happy you had a chance to be alone!

  2. What a fun date night. That's a long drive for you, but worth it. I love Mickey's diner. I have sweet memories of taking the girls there one snowy day a couple of years ago. We had milk shakes and the cook gave me a free blueberry pancake. Ahh good times;)

  3. How fun!! Isn't it crazy how much appreciated and important dates nights are since kids?!?! We love them too! You look beautiful, as always!!!

  4. Fun!! :) I love mickeys! Hope to see you soon :)