Monday, May 14, 2012


My sweet little Nugget girl has completed her first year of dance! I was really excited for her to begin this adventure, but I also had my reservations. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, as she has absolutely loved it. She looks forward to her Saturday morning class all week long, dances everywhere she goes, and has made some new friendships while deepening others.

Two weekends ago, she had the dress rehearsal for her first recital. Let's just say it was a little chaotic and overwhelming for a three year old and a first time dance mom, but we survived.

She didn't get to watch any of the big girls dance before going on stage to practice her own ballet routine, and that's where the overwhelming part came in. She didn't really understand what this was all about, nor what she was supposed to go out there and do. My poor little love. At least she wasn't the only one.

With that out of the way, we got to sit back and watch the rest of the first act, and oh my goodness, she was in awe. She completely perked up, was excited to do her tap dance, and carried that one out with much more enthusiasm.


Fast forward to this Saturday, and it was time for the real deal. We weren't able to go to class during the week due to both my kids catching a nasty virus, so she hadn't danced at all since the rehearsal. I was worried about that.

They were the first dance after the opening production, which again proved to not mix well with my slow-to-warm-up girl. So it didn't really surprise me when she spent the entire ballet dance, Call Me a Princess, like this:

But I was still proud of her for staying out there. I was one of the group leaders so I was just behind the curtain watching, and I was half expecting her to run off stage to me, but she didn't.

There was plenty of down time until they danced again, which was lots of funfor the girls and helped Nugget bounce back.

 The Wednesday and Saturday classed combined for the recital, ages three to five years.

 Friends, Abby and Nugget.

 Abby, Nugget, and Emily.

Friends since wee little babes, Abby, Nugget, Olivia.

When it was time for her tap dance, The Lion King, Sister was ready to rock it. I'm sure my bribe of a chocolate shake from "Old McDonald's" didn't hurt either.

I was beaming from ear to ear on the side lines. I knew she loved to dance, and I'm so happy she decided to let everyone else see that too.

There was lots more time to kill before she was to take a bow in the finale, so Nick and I swapped kids for a bit, allowing her a chance to watch some of the dances, and also say hi to her grandmas who came to see her.

I made good on my bribe, and afterwards we got a little treat at good ol' Micky D's.

And yes, despite the cookie pictured here, she did indeed enjoy a milkshake.

It was a fun day, an experience that I am glad we both have under of belt. We'll take a just-for-fun class mid summer, then resume again in the fall.

Bravo to you and your first year of dance, my little Nugget girl!


  1. that last picture is so presh!!! what a pretty dancer she is. i did ballet when i was little. i cherish those sweet memories. i have a feeling nugget will, too!

  2. so glad it went well :) quite the little dancer, indeed!

  3. You are a dance mom! Congratulations to you both on making it through :) What a fun experience.

  4. Good job, O!!! She sure is a cute little ballerina! I can't wait until Adi is old enough to join!