Saturday, May 26, 2012


Arboretum is a bit of a mouth full for a three year old, so we settled upon calling it the flower garden. That's where we went with some friends this week, and it was so much fun! Nugget did awesome considering this was more a play date for the moms and babies. The two other littles that were along were boys near Brother's age, that we were in ECFE class with this fall.

It's not often that there is really no one for Nugs to play with at a play date, but she took the challenge well, and jumped right in as one of the girls. It warmed my heart to hear her talk to my friends, other mama's who she doesn't know well. That's not always an easy task for her, but my friends were so sweet, listening to her attentively and making her feel special. Thanks girls, for that. Also, I don't know whether to thank or curse Layne for giving my kids recorders she bought at the thrift store. My kids love em, but I quickly had to classify them as 'outside only' toys. I'm sure our neighbors are enjoying them too ;)

We enjoyed a picnic lunch upon our arrival, then set out on the three mile trail. We didn't make it much past this quaint little playhouse before I was cursing the rolling hills with my double stroller and my eight months preggo friend had to use the bathroom.

After reversing the rolling hills and making a pit stop, we wandered around on the much smoother, flat paths of the flower gardens.

We buckled and unbuckled kids in strollers, fed snacks, threw pennies in fountains, talked cameras, snapped photos, and weaved in and out of the narrow paths which all made up for a lovely afternoon.

Our time together seemed all too short when tired kids signaled it was time to go. It's always a treat to visit with friends, explore a new place, and of course take pictures. I was pleased to learn that we can use or admission ticket one more time within a month, so I'm hoping we can get back there again and bring Daddy with us this time.

Nugs, Brother, Henry, Hayden

Oh yes, and upon coming home and unraveling Nugget's little loopty-loops, her hair was ringleted into the most precious and perfect pig tails ever , and I just couldn't help myself!



  1. oh precious. so fun. her hair is to die for. much like yours. : )

  2. Did you knowthearboretum was my favorite place in MN? This makes me so homesick.

  3. What a fun day and your photos are gorgeous!