Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've had these pictures sitting in my blog folder on my desktop for a week now, just waiting to find the time to write about them separately because they are all deserving of that. But it just hasn't happened, so here I sit on this Sunday night ready to play catch up.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous as of late, but when those rainy days sneak in between the sunny ones, we have fun making pillow piles in the living room and reading stories.

And we never pass up an opportunity to bake.

When the sun shines again, we race back outside to soak up every last drop.

We wasted no time in planting our garden this year. Things are already popping up and we just can't wait to devour its deliciousness.

For the second year, Nugget has her own little raised bed to tend to.

Dude doesn't have his own garden just yet, but that didn't stop him from wanting to help. I think he was a little confused about the timing of when we eat the deliciousness. Clearly this isn't it.

We celebrated Mother's Day much like we spend most of our days. Together. Outside. Taking pictures. A bike ride. A trip to the park. Picnic lunch.

I loved sneaking up on my girl and capturing these sweet pictures of her. Wish I would have had a zoom lens on, but they are still sweet as pie.

But then I got busted and she ran away...

Doodey learned how to blink on command and it's so darn adorable. We've been working on animal noises this week and so far he's learned how to growl, baa like a sheep, and make an elephant noise/sign. It's so much fun to see him soaking things up.

And lastly, one night this week while Daddy was working away on our bathroom project in our house that was eighty nine degrees, we snuck out to get ice cream. Daddy definitely got the short end of that stick.

More Slavik family fun to come. Have a great week!


  1. I love your pics and all the fun your sweet little family is always having! I loved your little garden stakes! What a cute idea!

  2. So glad you are soaking it all up. Love your pics. Sweetness! I need to make little garden markers. I finally got around to planting a little herb garden.