Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week we enjoyed a visit to the zoo with some fun friends.

 Alice, Abbey, Nugget, Brother and William.

Nugget really likes playing with Alice, and on this particular day we also got to enjoy her older sister, Abbey. What a treat. They are seriously some sweet girls.

It was a great day to explore the outside areas of the zoo, and even go all the way down to the farm, which I think was every one's favorite. Except for when one of these crazy creatures spit in Alice's face.She was saving her special goat food for the little babies, and that made a big one mad. So it spit in her face. For reals. Poor girl.

She recovered gracefully, and we continued to visit all the creatures before enjoying a picnic lunch.

It was so, so , so much fun and tuckered my kids out. So much so that they slept all the way home. Bonus! Love days like these!


  1. How fun! Our kids are so excited for the zoo this summer! And I can't wait to have picnic lunches with the kids this summer!