Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was looking for a creative outlet for my girl, something that is all hers, that she will enjoy, look forward to, and make her feel special. She's been in gymnastics since she was an itty bitty toddler, but it just wasn't doing it anymore. I had to do the class with her, and up until Brother was born that was no problem. But it became increasingly difficult to balance a baby and assist my girl in tumbling, jumping and climbing, and ultimately my girl just ended up running around doing whatever she felt like. I wanted something that was more structured, and that didn't require me to participate. Enter dance. I teeter-tottered on this one for the better part of the summer, debating if she was ready for it. I was worried how the teacher would handle her shyness, wondered if we could quit if she just plain hated it, and really, do three year olds have to be in a recital? I wanted this to be fun and non-threatening. After a few open houses at various studios and chats with the owners, I learned the answers to my questions. All of them pleased me and seemed fitting, except one. Yes, she does have to be in a recital. Two in fact. I can already foresee the disaster that is written all over that one, but I didn't want the loom of a recital to hold me, or Nugget for that matter, back for an entire year. So, with some coordinating of schedules with a few friends, Nugget has begun dance along side two of her little girlfriends. She had her first class on Saturday, and it went amazingly well. Nick and I kept looking at each other exclaiming 'I can't believe she's doing it. Look at her! She's actually participating and having fun!'

All sassy and set for dance class...

Her shyness was present, as she was very much an observer on her first day. But she took it all in with a smile on her face and joined in when she felt comfortable. There was only one minor meltdown when she spotted me through what was supposed to be a one-way mirror (Is that what it's called?! I can see her through the window, but she can't see me...). Apparently I stood close enough to it that she could make me out, and once she spotted me, she wanted me. A few hugs and some reassurance later, she was back to it.

Three little dancing girlfriends...Abby, Olivia and Nugget.

Her favorite part of dance? 'Getting a stamp' at the end. Go figure. Anyhow, we're looking forward to next Saturday already. My girl's all stocked up on cute leotards and colorful leg warmers. She sure makes one cute ballerina. I'm rooting for her that this is her niche. So, go Nugget go. Let's get your dance on, girl.


  1. oh my goodness. could she be any cuter? lovin' those tights. this will be good for her amy. may just help her overcome her shyness.

  2. We just started our youngest in dance and she adores it! Our "one way" window wasn't quite one-way, either. Enjoy!@