Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I asked Santa for a sewing machine this year. And I must have been good, because he delivered. And early too!

Now considering I don't know the first thing about sewing, I opted for a basic, inexpensive model, and it suits me just fine.

I was really excited about getting started, but also a little intimidated, so I let it sit in the box for a week before even opening it. After all the fun things I've pinned on Pinterest, I decided leg warmers were going to be my first project.

I was eager to get started, and thought that nap time would give me adequate time to set up my machine and crank out eight pairs of leg warmers. Yes, eight. I tend to get a little excited, and think that every girl I know should get a pair. Anyhow, I should have known better. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Sewing was the easy part. Setting up my machine was a little more difficult (which in hind sight, it really wasn't). I really try, but sometimes I'm just not a very patient person. I wanted to sew now, not dink around with the putsy stuff. Me and manuals do not mix. I do not learn that way. I am visual, hands on. So I basically made Nick do it for me while I watched, but I still got frustrated when it wasn't as easy for me as it looked. That's something I need to improve upon, because the whole thing was meant to be fun. I ended up taking it all apart and starting over all by myself, forcing myself to slow down and learn it. And now that I know it, it's super simple and I won't forget it.

So yes, I got to work. It was addicting. An adrenaline rush. I was proud of myself and shoved every pair I made into Nick's face, making him love it and be proud of me too. Now I know it wasn't rocket science or anything, but just like my girl, I'm happiest when I'm creating.

It took me nap time, plus bed time, plus a little bit of one more nap time to finish them all. And some turned out better than others. But I loved it and am excited to pick my next project. We have a special girl picked out for each pair, but my favorite are the ones Nugget chose.

She'll surely be noticed at dance class this week. And lets just pretend that she's wearing a leotard, instead of Hello Kitty undies.

What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?


  1. Saw those on Pinterest! I'm hoping to start on them soon. Where did you find the socks? You are so amazing...everything you make turns out beautiful! I love my sewing machine, even though I don't use it often. I've made all of my curtains in my house, and little odds and ends. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

  2. ahhh! i made some, too! haven't taken any pics yet and I hand-stitched mine, so i'm not sure if they'll hold up in the wash, but they are ahhh-dorable on little cara. and i love that it will protect her little knees when she gets the whole crawling thing figure out. fun!

  3. i am so impressed! they look fantastic, especially on that pretty girl of yours. you are well on your way. happy sewing to you. : ) one day i'm going to convince my grandma to give me one of her two sewing machines. but for some reason she says she NEEDS both. ha!

  4. I LOVE the leg warmers! I still have my mother's old singer sewing machine and took it out a few weeks ago but couldn't decide what to make. Great idea! My little bundle was given a few pairs and she looks so cute in them. Your daughter is gorgeous! I'll let you know if I attempt this project. I have never really sewn anything. yet. ;)