Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As I'm rounding the bend on this pregnancy, most days I feel as if my mind is working at a significantly different pace than my body. There are so many things I want to accomplish before baby arrives, but when it comes down to it, I am so stinking exhausted. I usually opt for a midday nap rather than crossing things off my to do list,which I then feel guilty for getting nothing accomplished that day. Other than growing a human being inside my body.

But I knew Valentine's Day was one day where I was going to have to pull my crap together, because my girl was counting on me. She still vividly remembers our tea party from the last love day, and without a doubt in her mind, it was tradition and we were surely doing it again. Which I was all for. I just needed to stay awake for it somehow.

First things first, we had a busy morning of school for her, ECFE for Dude and I, then a stop at the gymnastics center for some open gym. Oh, how my kids love open gym. Such a good winter outlet. Our day got a jump start with a little love filled breakfast and goodies.

After our run around morning, we made it through lunch, then started carrying out our preparations for afternoon tea.

Turns out, if you don't stop moving it is much easier to carry on through the day. Although you're bound to crash at bedtime.

We waited for Dude to wake up from his nap, then the party was on. It was quite simple really. Warm tea doctored up with sugar and honey, and anything fun and bite sized that we had on hand that seemed tea party appropriate. Crackers and cheese, grapes, mini cupcakes, a few marshmallows...

The kids ate and drank merrily while I snapped photos and cleaned up spills. Nugget and I have spent the last year slowly adding to our mismatched tea set, and we had enough for each of us this time. How fancy for them to use real china. It was totally worth every bit of energy and effort I could muster. Always.

The day was made even sweeter by a special delivery sent from Daddy and Brother. I got the bouquet on the left, Nugget got the one on the right. Gorgeous.

My valentine to him was a few little love notes placed around the house, and a plate of homemade cupcakes.

And we had a date night this weekend which was amazing.

I'm so glad I take the time to do the little things for them, for him. They are my whole world and I surely love them to pieces.



  1. it's getting so close girl! the finish line. i've got a package to mail. i better get on that:)

  2. I just found your blog and love it. I have enjoyed reading though some of your back posts and look forward to visiting again soon!

    Love the little love notes you left for your valentine around the house!