Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sometime earlier this winter, we took the kids out ice fishing at Daddy's spear house. There surely isn't enough room for all four of us in there, but not to worry, the kids mostly want to run around outside and play in the snow anyway.

But nonetheless, we try to get them out there at least once a winter, just for fun.

It was a fairly decent day out, temp wise. Nugget didn't come in the house once to get warm, and Doodey was in and out the whole time :)

I spent my good share outside, but also enjoyed the quiet of the fish house...chilling with Sally Sucker and Debbie Decoy (named by Daddy and Nugget long ago!), and spying on my peeps who were out setting tip ups.

We didn't catch anything that day, or even see any fish for that matter, but the kids could have cared less! They just enjoyed the fresh air and time spent with Daddy.

Doodey fell asleep on the way home, so while I headed inside the house with him, Nugget and Daddy got to go out to lunch, just the two of them.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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  1. So nice when it's actually warm enough for the kids to get out and enjoy the snow! Yay for Daddys who take their little ones out and about. Chad has actually been brave enough to take them both out to the fish house alone a few times already this year. I love having a little alone, quite, working, relaxing time to myself:)