Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is new for me y'all, and I'm SO excited! I would like for you to meet my first ever blog sponsor, Swanky Shank! Jen is just the sweetest thing ever and is the creative mind behind Swanky Shank designs on Etsy.
Photo source, here.

When I'm shopping for my kids, I always consider a few things. One, I like to be original. I like to find new and different things that not everybody has. Two, I watch my budget. Let's be honest, kids can either outgrow or trash clothes pretty quickly so I like to be conservative with the amount I spend on them. And three, homemade is best! I love supporting small business owners, so it's no surprise that Etsy is usually my first stop when searching for great products. Jen totally meets my needs in all three categories.

The two of us crossed paths through a mutual friend, and I am so glad we did! I am constantly ogling over her new designs and dressing up my little man in her duds. Here's a peek at a current favorite of mine from her spring collection, The Spring Swagger Set:

You can get yours here.
And the coolest part? You can order your set in two different sizes! Get some for now and some for later! Or split them between two little men in your life! Or just plain spoil your little man with all five!

I got these two for Doodey and I can't wait until he wears them (which will be like, tomorrow!).

Speaking of Doodey, he is turning two next week (can you believe it?!), which means we have a photo shoot coming up. You better bet your britches that he'll be sporting some swank in them! Like this for example:

Get your NERD onesie here.
And don't let me fool you, Swanky Shank has oodles of cuteness for the little girls in your life too. In fact, when I opened my latest package, Nugget said "Mom, you should get some swank for me too!" And you know what? She's right!
How cute would this be?
Photo source here.
Or this? Ooh, yes, this one.
Photo source here.
Okay, enough of my ramblings. You need to go check her out for yourself! And guess what? If you spy anything you adore, which trust me, you will, use the code littlewhile to save 10% on your order! How sweet is that?!
But don't wait, the code is only good through Saturday. So if you spy something you love (which you will, remember?) snatch it up right away!
Then come leave me a comment and tell me what you got! I'll totally be jealous, because I want it all!
Find Jen on Etsy, here.
Like her and follow her latest creations on Facebook, here.
Follow her on Instagram at jennycakeslane.
And read her blog, here!
Can't wait to see how swanky y'all get! Happy shopping!

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