Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My bloggy friend, Alicia, is pregnant with her fourth baby. Due in just eight short weeks. It's always fun to have babies around the same time as your friends. It makes the bond a little deeper, a little sweeter. My heart goes out to Alicia, because while we are both seasoned Mama's, she thought she was done after her third and got rid of everything. I can't imagine having to start from the ground up, from crib to bottles to onesies. Everything.

So! How sweet is it that another bloggy (and real life) friend, Becky, rounded some of us gals together to honor Alicia in an online bloggy baby shower! To help prepare her for this baby and bless her socks off. Sweetest idea ever.

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The gender of Alicia's baby is a surprise, and she is referring to it as her "Spring Chick". So naturally, if I could carry out Alicia's shower in real life, it would look something like this:

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Spring and babies might just be two of my favorite things. And together? Make my heart swoon, why dontchya.

Of course you have to have treats at a shower! These would be a must.

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Today I sent off a package for Alicia, with some sweet little items to help her prepare for Spring Chick. But I like surprises, so I didn't take any photos of what I sent. Sorry Alicia. You'll just have to wait for the mail man :)

Here's one little sneak peek though of something I made...

And I can't let you all leave without a parting gift, so here you go!

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Head on over to Becky's blog to see what the others are doing for their online baby shower, and check out Alicia's blog here!

 photo aliciasbloggybutton_zpsebb4789f.jpg

Happy day to you, Ms. Alicia! Sending you lots of hugs and well wishes!

*Photos and ideas taken from Pinterest. (Ecxept the Baby banner. I made that. ) Oh Pinterest, what would we do without you?!


  1. DYING over every bit of today!! you guys completely took me by surprise!!! i loved your "shower" and if you had that porch, i would never leave it!!
    Can't wait for the mailman!! and i have a little something for YOU too, mama. :)

    thanks, girl. love it so much.


  2. That shower is so stinking sweet. Man! What I wouldn't have given to throw you both a joint real life fling. Can't wait to meet your bundle soon:-)

  3. such sweetness, amy! and yeah, i totally wish we were all in one big room together today celebrating. i need to get your gift in the mail already!!!

  4. Such a sweet shower!! How fun would it be to sit on that beautiufl porch and eat those yummy treats.

  5. Hi Amy! I am Amy and one of the other Baby Shower hosts : ) I love your shower ideas, so stinkin' cute. It would eb so much fun if this was a real baby shower but this really is the next best thing. I am dying over that front porch, it looks so beautiful and peaceful!!

  6. ooooh! i am LOVING all of your sweet inspiration!
    that porch is to die for and i could totally go for one of those little haystack nests...yummy!
    nice to meet you, amy! i guess i've been here before and seen you on IG, but i don't know if you know who i am. :)
    wouldn't it have been fun to do this in real life!?
    oh well, this is the next best thing!

  7. Amy, this is SO sweet.
    And SO Alicia.
    And I imagine, so YOU, too : )

    That little laundry line
    of tiny goodness really
    made me smile.

    I loved blessing Alicia
    with this virtual shower.
    I think we really surprised
    her, don't you?

    xo Suzanne {Co-host!}

  8. Hi again....

    YES, I'm in Orono!

    Becky and I became
    pals when she was
    living here. Did you
    know her "in person,"

    Miss that girl!

    xo Suzanne